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Saturday, 16 September 2017

Tower of Dawn by Sarah J Maas | That Last Chapter Killed Me {Yomna's Review}

My rating: 5/5


Oh My Goodness. WOWWW. This was AWESOME

This review contains spoilers! Proceed at your own risk!

Okay, first of all, I am supremely impressed by this book. Sarah J Maas' writing is honestly getting consistently better all around. Representation is improving, the plot just gets better, and the characters... Everything. I really appreciate her writing and stories and I will continue to read all her books. Reading this book....It was like going home after a long vacation. That sounds super cheesy, I know, but her writing is so familiar and it's not the bad kind of familiar either. It's the kind of familiar that makes you eat a whole plate of potatoes when you already know what it will taste like. 

Basically, Chaol is the only white character in this book! There was so much opportunity for culture and expansion and Sarah J Maas really made the most of it. I think the world-building in this book was definitely the best part. It's so detailed and yet it's not all in one chapter so you learn the place in pieces, as you would in real life. 

I love that Chaol doesn't get completely healed in the story. I hate when stories end too perfectly, so I think this was crucial to my enjoyment of the story. And of course, a little more representation of disability is not something that I can say no to (or would want to say no to). (Even though I always get annoyed that people always forget Elide's disability when hating on Sarah J Maas). 

Now, to the ships. In the beginning, I really liked Chaol and Nesryn. I thought they would just sort their stuff out in the book and that would that. However, I LOVE the new ships. Sartaq and Nesryn are going to Emperor and Empress, which is super cool and Yrene and Chaol were amazing. I LOVED Yrene. Her journey and talents are amazing and I love how she is bold and brave but not with weapons and violence. And I saw this post on tumblr where it said that it's going to be really sad when Yrene goes to Aelin but Aelin is currently Lysandra and Lysandra won't recognize her....... I'm still holding out hope that Rowan will have brought Aelin back by then. Come on, Rowan!

Finally, we come to Chaol Westfall. (Also, does Sarah J Maas like not showing us her characters' weddings like EVER and then just mentioning it in passing.) I was not Team Chaol when I first read Throne of Glass. But in my reread, I loved him wayy more. Not as a love interest, but just as a character in general. In this book, he grew so much and I think it was pretty perfect.

The last chapter killed me though! It was so short and yet complete and utter torture.

So yeah, these are my thoughts on Tower of Dawn! What did you guys think? Do you think Sarah J Maas did well with the disability representation?



  1. I always loved Chaol even in Queen of Shadows when everybody hated him. But for me he is the most real and human character literaly in this serie so I love him so much. I enjoyed so much Tower of Dawn.

    1. I mean, I wasn't Team Chaol when I first read Throne of Glass, but I also never got why everyone was so mad at him. I mean, he couldn't do much, really. He's such a sweet character and I love that you learn more about him in this book!


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