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Friday, 1 September 2017

Boomerang Boyfriend by Chris Cannon | A Wattpad-Style Teen Romance {Yomna's Post}

My rating: 2.5/5

Spoiler free!

I received this book for free through Netgalley in exchange for an honest review!

This gif describes precisely how I feel about this book: unsure. 

It's not that it was bad....it's just that it wasn't good either. It was unfortunately somewhere in between. The thing is, I walked into this book knowing exactly what it was: a light, fluffy, inconsequential, cheesy romance. So, I can't really say I'm disappointed. I just got exactly what I expected. 

The writing is not great, the plot is not particularly well-built, but all in all, I don't really regret the experience. I think this is one to read if you want a less intense read. I had just read Queen of Shadows before this so it was quite nice to relax a bit after the stressful ride that is Queen of Shadows. The main character Delia was bearable, but she is neither refreshing nor particularly interesting. Supporting characters were okay. I've read better books on wattpad, to be honest. 

I guess, with my low expectations, you'd expect me to be impressed. Unfortunately, no such luck here. 

The #1 thing that pissed me off about this book was definitely the chapter endings. They were so abrupt and inconclusive. I like the end of a chapter to either:
1) tie things up
2) have a cliffhanger for the next chapter

This book had neither of these, which made the flow of the book really weird. 

Please don't let my opinion discourage you from reading this book! Everyone has different preferences in reading, and I completely respect that! 

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