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Monday, 26 June 2017

Always and Forever Lara Jean by Jenny Han | Simply enchanting {Yomna's Review}

Rating: 5/5

This book is simply enchanting. I loved everything about it. Lara Jean stays true and beautiful, making this book a pleasure to read. I read To All the Boys I've Loved Before two years ago, and it's very saddening to me that this journey I've been on with Lara Jean has ended. 

I read this book on the airplane, and it made me cry a bit that this was it, one last time with this story. When you're in that kind of mood, you kind of get sentimental. I looked at the window and felt strangely sorrowful and melancholy about life in general, because life has to really suck for there to be no more Lara Jean books, right? Anyways, I have been so delighted that these books did not end at a mere duology, I think the story of Lara feels more complete with this book. 

I rate this book 5/5 because honestly, it's my favorite contemporary series. It's so diverse. I also feel like Jenny Han took the bad boy/good girl trope and truly reinvented it. Although Peter Kavinsky comes across as the typical bad boy, he is actually a good boy inside. His conquests (girl-wise) are not so real after all, and everyone loves him! This is refreshing and pretty cool overall. Other than that, there are tons of new elements added to this trope. Lara Jean is very close to her family and the books depict familial issues as well as romantic ones. We see Margot's struggle with her dad's new wife, we see Kitty's snarky attitude, and best of all, this book has one of the best representations of sisterhood that I have ever read. It illustrates the disruptions that occur in their relationship, but also the unconditional love they have with each other, which was beautiful. 

The thing I most enjoyed about this book, though, was definitely Lara Jean. It is gorgeous and simultaneously heart-breaking to see her incredible transformation. She's really not what she started as and she was outstanding. She's stronger, fiercer, more determined, everything. It is an immense pleasure to read in her voice in this last book. Furthermore, I also adored (ADORED) Peter Kavinsky. What a great guy. He's so sweet and funny which adds so much to this book. I loved his contract at the end, it was such a suiting way to end the book. Honestly, I struggle to think of how it could have possibly been better. 

I'm so glad that I went on this plight with Lara Jean, I'm of course not ready for it to end and will mourn these books greatly. 

In true Lara Jean spirit, 
Always and forever,


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