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Monday, 1 May 2017

ACOWAR Playlist | Yomna's Picks

ACOWAR gets released tomorrow, tomorrow!!! I like to listen to songs while reading, so I decided to make a playlist and share it with you guys. Please note that these songs have probably nothing to do with the book or what I hope will or will not happen they are just good beats. 

The song list, however more songs have been added on the spotify playlist:

Listen to it on Spotify here (there is one song missing the Taylor Swift song because she doesn't have her music on Spotify) :


  1. I haven't read the book but those are some really good songs! :D
    I love music, and I love it even more when matching it to books <3_<3

    1. You should DEFINITELY read the book! It's incredible! And same, I love listening to music while reading! It's so fun and gets me in a good mood!


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