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Friday, 28 April 2017

ACOMAF Moments When We All Knew Feylin Was Over | Yomna's Post

This picture of a shipwreck seemed fitting.

It might've been doomed from the beginning, but boy do these moments make it obvious! And as a Feysand (Feyre and Rhysand for you ignorant people! Just kidding I love you!) shipper, I am soooo here for it! 

Exhibit A: In the middle of the steamy scene:

"For a moment, I was 

nothing, no one. Then 

we were fused, two 

hearts beating as one."

"I love my boyfriend, he makes me feel like no one." said no one ever! Need I explain why? No one wants to feel like no one. It's simply not a good way to feel. This is how you know it's a bad relationship. 

# 2 : This thought from Feyre:

"I had no words in my 

head, my heart. Giving

Tamlin time, letting him 

adjust … It was the least 

I could do."

Feyre was being wayyyy too generous to Tamlin in the beginning of ACOMAF. Letting him adjust to what? Giving you freedom? You are your own independent woman, and no one is going to boss you around. You are not asking for too much, Feyre! This is your freedom, this is your life, don't throw it away! 

# 3: When he felt guilty..... 

"Tamlin’s guilt must 

have hit him hard, 

because although he 

was gone the next day, 

Lucien was waiting with 

an offer to inspect the

progress on the nearby 


Awwww, poor Tamlin. I have some advice for you, to not feel so guilty. Maybe if you didn't lock your girlfriend and prevent her from going out so much, and then proceed to convince her that it's what's best for her (even though it's only what you need, to have her stored nice and safe till you came), maybe you wouldn't feel so guilty. Just saying! 

#4 and the final: When he didn't even consider making her equal to his throne! 

"I’d never be High Lady,

never be Tamlin’s equal in 

responsibility and power. 

A small, forgotten part of me

 roared and screamed at that, 

but …"

Ain't no favorite character of mine going to be sidelined! You are front, you are center! The star of the show! NO ONE can take that away! Ever! Feyre earned it so thoroughly, and Tamlin obviously didn't. He did nothing when she was being tortured and hurt on a daily basis. In my opinion, Tamlin doesn't even deserve to be High Lord of Spring! I'd be 100% okay with Feyre taking over!

Thanks for reading my rant! I'm definitely watching out for ACOWAR!!! Excitement is killing me! Maybe when I post this, it will already be out! 


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