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Saturday, 4 March 2017

King's Cage | The ending will kill you {Yomna's Review}

OMG this book is amazing!

The tagline, "All will burn" really confuses me. I mean, there's definitely a lot of burning, but I think there's more electrocution. I think "All will be electrocuted" is more accurate. Better yet, "Readers will die." Might as well warn the reader what they're getting into. 

My rating: 5/5

"I remember all the death. All the heartache."


When I first read Red Queen, I really liked it, but I was underwhelmed a little bit. There was a sh*t ton of hype surrounding the series, and it just didn't live up to all of it. A recurring pattern with these books is definitely being really annoying in the beginning, and then really picking up at the end. I have found that the final moments of this book are what make it really worth the read. 

This book killed me. So much goodness and pain in 448 pages is too much for my heart. I can't take it. 

King's Cage was definitely the book of Cal and Mare. The dynamic between them is really pivotal to the book, and the decision that Cal makes in the end. Not to mention the spectacular steamy scene and how they basically set off a lighting storm by having too much fun *winks*. Plus, there's about at least 10 shirtless Cal moments where I was grinning like an idiot. For example, that fight scene where he pulls it right off and everyone's like, "Hello there." And Cal is so calm using every advantage against Mare.

"To stand in front of a person who is your whole world and be told you are not enough. You are not the choice. You are a shadow to the person who is your sun."

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I really liked Mare in this book. In the beginning, she is a bit annoying because she's going back and forth with herself, but in the end she was really likable. I really enjoyed how there were different people with same abilities as her and how she wasn't a sort of 'chosen'. 

Evangeline was awesome! Looking forward to some good character development from her. She certainly seems redeemable to me. In a way, she kind of reminds of Helene from A Torch Against the Night.

Weirdly enough, though I didn't like Maven in this book, I felt really sorry for him. A large part of him is that way because of his horrible mother. I don't really think he's fixable though. Sorry Cal. No matter how he changes, he's still done what he's done, and everyone's going to want to kill him. Hands tied here. I found it weird how Mare kept on holding on to scraps of old Maven! Get over it! There's nothing there!

Anyways, I want to keep this short and to the point; so let's talk about that ending. I don't know, I was a bit disappointed by Mare? What's so bad about having a silver king and red queen? It'd be a nice reference to the first book. Or maybe we could have elections and turn it into democracy? Maybe Mare could run? Though I doubt that will happen, it'd be like making Katniss president. She wouldn't want it. I was kind of annoyed by what Mare said in the end about letting the silvers kill each other and then take over. That's just as bad as silvers oppressing reds. And she threw away Cal so quickly! Their relationship was so beautiful and she just ignored it immediately. I'm looking for a re-hooking up in the fourth book. It better be good and hot! 

Strongly recommend King's Cage. It's so worth it!



  1. Great review! I totally agree about the Cal scenes - I loved them so much :) And that ending was definitely a hearbreaker. I think both Cal and Mare were being stubborn and I really do hope they'll still work it out and BOTH get some sort of happy ending in the last book. And yes, Evangeline definitely became a favorite of mine too!

    1. Hey Lindsey!
      Thanks so much for commenting! Totally agree Cal and Mare were soooooooo stubborn in the end! I need them to be together! Evangeline was such a surprise for me. I definitely didn't expect to love her as much as I did!

  2. MARE AND CAL MUST END UP TOGETHER:((((((((((((((((((((


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