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Friday, 24 February 2017

Only Ever Yours | This is the 500 times more intense version of Mean Girls {Yomna's Review}


Intensely horrifying....

My rating: 4/5


This book is so intense, oh my god! When I finished it, I honestly didn't know how to rate it. I hated the world in it so much and am so traumatised by it. It's pretty bleak and I really hope it never happens before I die. 

Firstly, I wanted to discuss Darwin. In terms of the relationship between him and Freida, I was really holding out for it to work out. Freida was going through so much pain, with all the poison words from Megan and Cara and all those other mean girls, that I was just hoping she and Darwin would be together. He seemed nice at first, definitely better than the other guys, and I was wishing he would start a revolution or something. 

Although, understandably, that relationship was ruined from the start. Freida only sought to please him, was never honest to him, and he wanted so badly to be a daddy-pleaser that he lost sight of what was right. I know, I never should've expected this to be a cheesy romance, and truthfully, I didn't really, but honestly, there's got to be one guy in this hellhole who is a decent human being. There's no hope if there isn't. 

One of the most heartbreaking things about this book is how Freida was so lonely and sick and sad that she kept listening to Megan, even though Megan was clearly a bitch who deserved to die and burn in hell. I loathed her so much. It's so sad to see all the stuff she told Freida until she broke and became a bad person and bullied her best friend Isabel. I really wanted to see that friendship resolved, and was really upset when it never did. 

Overall, this is not the kind of book you expect to have a happy ending, and considering that, I really enjoyed it. It's a very well-written and daring book, and literature like this is what really touches and resonates with us greatly.



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