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Friday, 8 July 2016

The Last Star by Rick Yancey {Yomna's Review}

My rating: 5/5

Spectacular. Still crying. 


Legit me right now:

Wow. Rick Yancey has created an absolute masterpiece.

This book is one of the most meaningful I have read in a while. The last book that made me cry this much was The Little Prince by Antoine Saint Exupery.

Brilliant. Rick Yancey's writing is so amazing and full of suspense. I love how all his characters are at that point in this book where they just do what they have to do and don't overthink it. This book is quite likely the most unpredictable book I have ever read. I had zero idea what was going to happen and that terrified me. 

Evan x Cassie forever. Their love is so gorgeous. 

"Why do we always get the Evan we deserve instead of the Evan we want?"

Hey, at least my biggest wish was granted; for Evan not to die. Too much emotional trauma from this book. Also, was anyone else confused by the whole the concept of the stupid aliens enhancing people and saving humanity and wahhh? Here's the list of questions I had:

1) Destroy the human village in order to save it?
2) How exactly is that supposed to work?
3) And why do those aliens want to destroy human emotion?
4) And wait, if the 'others' are just advanced human beings, then who built that ship?
5)What the hell is happening?
6) Okay, so they created a world with no trust or cooperation to 'save' the human race? 
7) Who are these aliens who took it upon themselves to 'save' the human race? 

Cassie's right, aliens are stupid. After watching human life for ten thousand years, they still lack any true understanding of it. 

"Your pain, your fear, your anger, your despair. Give them to me, Evan. I'll carry them for a while." 

Luckily, those questions were all answered, and thank god. I thought this was going to be one of those books where you finish and nothing gets answered and the reaction of the reader is just confusion. 

Let's address Ringer's pregnancy. At first I swore at loud. Not that being pregnant is a bad thing. But, being pregnant during an alien invasion is bad. In fact, I think that might be a bit of an understatement. But Ringer's tough and I'm so glad she survived it and got together with Ben. Their love is also gorgeous. 

"We cannot love what we do not remember."

I just feel like screaming for three hours. I love this book so much, but at the same time I hate it. I loved Cassie. Loved. We're using the past tense now. Well actually, screw it, I still love her, and I will love her forever. Because love is forever. 

But obviously, everyone knew that this story was never going to end with an ideal Hollywood ending. I mean that was just in-your-wildest-dreams wishful thinking. And I think the way Rick Yancey did it was spectacular. Unlike Veronica Roth's Allegiant which I just plain hated, this book is hopeful where Allegiant is just devastating. Sam has learned how to read. That lone fact makes my heart sing. Ben and Ringer have found a peace, although temporary. They know the truth and now they can all do something about it. Something good. Slowly, I know that they will join with others and save the world, because the world is beautiful. And trust and cooperation are actually what keeps us alive, not the lack of it. Ten thousand years of observation, and the aliens came out of it with nothing.

Lovely, lovely writing. I'm astounded. This book has officially made it into my list of top ten favorite books. From the beginning, this series had been perfect, suspenseful, freaking amazing. And I'm glad that for me, it stayed that way. I'm sure that a lot of people are going to be annoyed by this ending, and I understand, but for me it worked perfectly with the kind of story this series tells.

"She was the mayfly, here for a day, then gone. She was the last star, burning bright in a sea of limitless black. 
Erase the human.
In a burst of blinding light, the star Cassiopeia exploded, and the world went black.
Evan Walker had been undone."

What kind of world would be living in, to be able to literally erase people and give other people memories of ten thousand people? Certainly a world gone mad. Rick Yancey dives into unthinkable concepts, familiarizing us with them so they become within the realm of possibility. 

Cassie's story is fantastic. The prologue was perfect. She is a queen, a powerful one. Made powerful by her actions, rather than by people's fear of her. And that is incredibly brilliantly spectacular. I don't have any more adjectives to describe the awesomeness of this book. It has left me breathless. 

In this book I find an important message that inspires me. Always strive to do what is right, even if it means sacrifice. And this book inspires to make a difference, in whatever small or insignificant way I can. Hopefully not in an alien apocalypse, but maybe in my own good way. Okay, yes, I am a really cheesy and naive person. But maybe that's a good thing. 

"Last time, Mayfly, I promise."

The world ends, and the world begins again,


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