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Monday, 11 July 2016

Ruined by Amy Tinera {Yomna's Review}

My rating: 4/5

Literally started reading this book last night and already done! Haven't read a book this fast in a while. Anyways, coming from The Last Star, this was a good book to read. Its material is a bit lighter, and it was a strategic choice to read so I wouldn't go into a book slump. 

This book wasn't perfect though, I felt the writing was a lot simpler than The Last Star. The Last Star is just so quotable, with something worth noting on every page, Ruined was less like that. 

“Kind, reasonable, thoughtful. It wasn't 'love' or an admission of wild, passionate feelings, but he realized he liked her three words more. 'Love' would have been easy, another easy lie in a long line of lies. 'Love' would be easy to dismiss.”

When I read the blurb of this book, I got this whole Aelin Ashryver vibe, with the heartless revenge-filled assassin who seems heartless but actually isn't. You DO get that in this book. It's toned down quite a bit; but let's be honest, who can beat Aelin? No one. That's who.

“The memory of how he felt when he cared about her was going to be the most painful thing after he began to hate her.” 
The story to me was really creative. It was intriguing, swoonworthy, and increasingly interesting. I really liked the political intrigue, the high stakes, and the world building. This book has a world well defined; I didn't feel as if I was stumbling in the darkness not knowing what to imagine and what it would look like. One thing I wish was better was the explanation of the Ruined's magic. I just feel that I still don't understand that much about them and what their magic is. Hopefully in the next book all of the details will be flushed out. 

Anyways, I loved most of the characters in this book. Em was a really fun main character to read; she's fierce, she's strong, and loyal. Cas was amazing. Absolutely loved reading the chapters from his POV. The romance was flawless. I loved every moment. The kissing was great.

The best part for me was the part where they get out of the river and then Cas takes off his shirt and water drops are dripping down his abs and she thinks that she's never wanted to be a water drop more in her life. Same, Em!

Anyways, strongly recommend this book! I thoroughly enjoyed it!



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