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Monday, 13 June 2016

Why Everyone Can (and should) start a blog! {Yomna's Post}

Here are several reasons why everyone should start a blog!

In this blog, Srishti and I do mostly bookish things, but we've looked at so many other blogs for inspiration, and I've seen so many examples of great and successful blogs, about SO many different things. Fashion and beauty are very popular. Book blogs are my personal favorite. Movie blogs, writing blogs, technology blogs, even a personal blog, although those tend to be a little less popular, if you make it interesting, you will be able to gain fans. 
Find your thing, something you could talk about on hours on end, and blog about it. The words come easy when you're writing about something you're passionate about.

Having a blog is so much better than ranting to a person. Instead of talking to someone who doesn't care about something important to you, you can write a post, publish it and let people who are actually interested in your topic read it. It's so much more fulfilling. As a result, you get less stress. It's great, and blogging has honestly become one of the things I look forward to everyday. In my normal life, it's not often I encounter people who are just as interested in books as me, so being able to share my thoughts without annoying people is amazing. 

Blogging improves your writing radically. You learn to look for typos, and write in a way that interests others. It's important to not lose your individual voice, so you learn to enhance your voice in your posts so it reflects who you are as a person. In my reviews, I try to be myself as much as possible, and write as I would speak and act in real life. This is my blog, and I'm here to express my thoughts and feelings. So let's all get to it and be honest and real (unless you're Donald Trump), because I think these are qualities that are near being lost in the world. 

Unlike in your studies, or job or whatever it is, when you're blogging, you have no commitments besides the ones you make for yourself. Although things like follower count and statistics do matter and affect your motivation, you really can decide more for yourself and have more freedom. I won't write a review for a book that I think I have nothing to say about. As long as you provide quality posts and make sure you put all your heart into every post, you should be perfectly fine. I've been blogging for about four months with Srishti, and I think I have enough experience as I've had a blog before to tell you that. 

Although educational institutions try as much as possible to give you space for personal creativity within the projects and assignments, it ends up not being too much like that. Certain skills are valued more than others, and I see so many people who lose motivation to continue practicing their hobbies because they feel the pressure to find success in other subjects (e.x. academics or sports). In blogging however, there's so much more room for creativity because you can do anything. It's your own personal project, and it's so great. Also, another perk of blogging is that you can do basically anything, and it couldn't be wrong. Nobody can define what your blog will look like, what it's going to be about, etc. YOU get to decide that. 

In conclusion, that's why I think everyone should start their own blog, it's a great way to express yourself and establish your interests and discuss them with people with similar interests! So yeah, hope that if you already have a blog you agree and that if you were thinking about making one you feel encouraged to do so!


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