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Monday, 11 April 2016

The White Rose by Amy Ewing {Yomna's Review}

My rating: 4/5

I loved this book. I've been excited since last year and was not disappointed.
I actually got to read an advanced ebook copy of The Jewel. It was the first time I got to read an advanced copy of a book. I think I just tweeted about how excited I was for it and epicreads sent me a copy. It was pretty amazing. 

I really enjoyed the first book, it was a great introduction into the world. The whole idea of the book was fascinating. It was a pretty awful world for Violet though. But it was very enjoyable. Now before I get to the second book, let's talk about the covers. 

A                                    B
I definitely like both. I think cover B was slightly more relevant to the story because the tag line, 'The Power to choose comes with a price' is a bit overused. However, 'Today is my last day as violet lasting. Tomorrow I become lot 197.' is a lot closer to the story and less general. If I absolutely HAD to choose, I would pick cover A. It's just so sparkly and stunning.

A                                   B
For this one, Cover B looks much worse than it actually is. I have Cover B in physical form and it's actually really gorgeous and shiny. I don't regret buying it. However I would probably prefer Cover A here too. But let me just say for the record that Cover A doesn't make sense. For the first book it made sense she was wearing a dress because she actually mostly did wear dresses in the book. However in The White Rose, that is not the case. It's still pretty so I guess it's okay. 

In the beginning: I was actually caught off guard because I hadn't reread the first book so I had forgotten a lot. So it's probably a good idea for you to reread The Jewel first before you get to this one. However, if you don't just be patient, because you do eventually get into it after the first three chapters

Powers (auguries): It was very fun to learn more about the auguries in this book. Especially about the history and their connection to nature. Also, what's even cooler is seeing Violet, and the other ex-surrogates actually try using them as they should be used. I love books like this and Red Queen where there are powers because it really takes you away from the world and fascinates you.

Ash: He's an awesome character. And I really enjoyed learning more about him in this book because of Raven seeing into his heart. And he and Violet alternated so he was there when she wasn't very confident and she was there when he wasn't very confident. Also I think he's really important as a character because he represents all the companions who have been treated badly too, when other characters in the book just worry about the surrogates.
As a love interest, he's also very sweet and supportive. 

No love triangle: Thank god this is not one of those books that introduce a love triangle in the middle of the series. Love triangles are soooooo stressful. 

Romance: One of the best things about this book is that it's established the romance from the beginning and it doesn't waste time making the love interests fight for unnecessary reasons. Throughout the book, you see beautiful, sweet, moments between Violet and Ash when it's time to shift away from the tears and the emotion, to moments of power and greatness.

Gets stuff done: I read a lot of books, and I've become acquainted with many main characters who spend too much time thinking about things and what they want and their intentions and you just have to wait forever for them to actually get stuff done. This is not the case for this book. Yes, Violet has her moments of insecurity, but she quickly moves away from them with the decision to take action. 

"I have never felt so connected to the world around me. Like I am a very small part of something so large it can't be comprehended. It makes me feel insignificant and unique at the same time."

Great supporting characters: In this book, there are some great supporting characters. Ash and Raven are my favorite. However Lucien and Garnet are also amazing. Also, I ship Raven and Garnet so hard. And I'm so glad Raven didn't die. 

"I forgot what it was to be young. To be so full of ideas, to think it possible to change the world."

Cliffhanger: I'm actually surprised I didn't see this coming. All through the book, Violet talks about how she must stop the royalty before Hazel gets tested. And then of course it happens. It should've been obvious! Whatever. I can't wait!!! I'm so excited. 

Looking forward: 
 YAY!!! The cover is so pretty. I think I'll spend more money and buy this book in hardcover, it's too stunning. However, we'll see once the paperback cover is revealed. I might like it. I hope it has similar colors.
Thanks for reading my review!!!


  1. The cover for the third book really is gorgeous! I remembering reading the Jewel and having some issues with it but this one sounds a bit better. So glad there wasn't a love triangle, and I'm liking those quotes. Nice review!

    1. I think in the beginning of the Jewel it was a bit boring. However, this book is worth reading, if only just to find out the fates of the characters. Thanks for the comment!


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