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Monday, 22 February 2016

The Story of Awkward by R.K. Ryals

Wow! It was amazing! I read it two years back and since then have read it 3 times in total. I absolutely love it. It is inspirational! I got the book when I had this kindle 'addiction', I downloaded nearly every book that was free. Some were horrible and some got their way into my Honeymoon Palace ( If you don't know what that is: it's where my favourite characters or books have there special place in my heart), such as the Faerie Tale collection that I would have to talk about later. The cover is not very appealing but in it's own awkward way it fits the book. I love the story so so much! It teaches you that perfection is not hidden in beauty or the way you are but in awkwardness, flaws and uniqueness. The protagonist, Perry, is one of those characters you want to take, wrap them in a blanket and cuddle. She also makes you feel better and you can connect to her in so many different ways.

She is not what society call perfect but in her own way they all are. Her world is amazing and I would love to live there! What annoys me is the fact that her parents made her feel awful, making her escape in drawing, but without that there wouldn't be a story. The romance in the book is bittersweet. It isn't perfect but it is. This is very confusing and the word perfect will be repeated at least a 100 times but you would understand if you have read the book. The romance is so cute it makes me want to womit watermelons (book inside joke, READ IT IT'S FREE).

My favourite character is ... drum roll... THE BOOKWORM! I love him so much. Actually I love all the characters expect the meanies! I wish there was a sequel to know how they are now.


"I think she understood, shut the front door!"


"Oh dear! I am so sorry! ... SHUT UP"

Overall, I loved the book and definitely recommend it for a rainy day when you are bored. OH, I forgot. Please stop bullying! People probably told you this a hundred times but this is serious. I have read many books where bullying is evident such All the Bright Places and it took a life. Please stop. It follows them all their life, just like Perry is feeling. Don't make them hate who they are. Because you are perfect and you wouldn't want to have that mark on your conscience. With that here is a last gif:
Bye Bye you perfect mushroom,
your fangirl,

My rating; 4/5

So I recommend a LOT of books to Srishti that she reads (I made her read Illusions of Fate, The Selection, A Court of Thorns of Roses, An Ember in the Ashes, need I go on?) because I *sort of* make her do it, but anyways she loves them. But when Srishti recommends a book to me, I'm not really that considerate because I get a lot of crappy recommendations from people who read one book and think that's an accomplishment (Person: OMG did you know The Hunger Games was a book? me: no way!), but anyways, this one sounded very interesting because Srishti pitched it very well:

Srishti: It's about this girl and boy that get trapped in a world that she created...

and I was immediately interested, because I think I don't read a lot of fantasies that are set in our own modern humble world, so I decided to read it.
I was a little bit discouraged though when I saw that it was free on iBooks, because I read a lot of the free books of iBooks and most of them are horrible. But guys, this book was phenomenal, and I am speechless.
By the way, to those who've already read this book, don't you agree it would make an amazing movie? It's so well described and amazing, and honestly an inspiring story.

One of the reasons I loved this book so much is because of the new way it presents the issue of bullying. Peregrine Storke is this person who drowns her sorrows and the sadness she feels in her art. She is a very inspiring character and I love how brave and powerful she is compared to the way she was at the beginning of the book in the prologue. And RK Ryals writes this whole bullying issue into a world that was supposed to be Peregrine's haven, her only safe place, turning it into a place where people strive for perfection and don't embrace their awkwardness.

 If this was a movie I would cast Emma stone as Peregrine. I feel like she can really pull of her vulnerable, and powerful side. And she's such a great actress. For Foster I would choose Chris Pine. I think he can really bring Foster to life. Foster also has this sort of mean side that I think Chris Pine can definitely do. 

Guys, this books is free! So seriously go pick it up! It's a phenomenal book with an inspiring message and it's very entertaining so it'll keep you reading.

"In truth, it is evil beauty that is most devastating. For beauty isn’t always good and ugliness isn’t always bad. It is how we perceive ourselves that matters. True courage isn’t about being brave. True beauty isn’t about being beautiful. True courage is about being real. True beauty is about being happy"


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