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Monday, 29 February 2016

The Fault in Our Stars (book and movie)

The book:

My rating: 4/5

I loved this book.
That's it. All in all, from the first page to the last, I simply loved it, with its snarky and sarcastic comments and its breathtaking romance. It was a beautiful book about loss and true love and letting go, and so many things that make it a purely inspiring read. 

How I came across this book: I knew about The Fault in Our Stars for a long long time. Somehow, I never actually read it till Christmas break last year, when I finally decided to acknowledge that ebook on my ibooks saying new, so I decided to read it. Before, my best friend told me that it was so good, and I didn't think she was wrong, because, there's going to be a reason it's that popular. But anyways, I'm so glad I read this book, that it came about just at the right moment, when I was bored (very) and had a book hangover over The Hunger Games which I am still not over, even though it's maybe not the best book to read to get over a book hangover. 
But yeah, I'm extremely grateful for this book, it made me think about love in a different way, about how, sometimes you need to protect the people you love by simply pushing them away.

At the same time though, this book was painful. When I finished it, I was in shock, I was still kind of stuck in that stage where you start reading YA books but also read a lot of books for younger audiences, for example at that stage I was reading a lot of Shannon Hale's books, but anyways I didn't quite know how painful books, and especially YA books, could be. So I was very surprised about The Fault in Our Stars. 
This is the only John Green book I have fully read, I tried reading Looking for Alaska but I got sick of it in the first few chapters (should I try again?). But anyways, I would like to send a thank you to John Green, because you inspired the world with your writing, and your words, which is something I myself want to do one day, but honestly, after reading your book, I don't know how I could ever possibly live up to that. But what can I say? I aspire to inspire, and I'll try.

Hazel Grace Lancaster: is such a great character. She's so real about her situation, showing the truth about how positive a girl of her with cancer can really be. She's this raw, funny, and (there's no other way to put this) real character, which makes her relatable, because we can't all relate to her condition, so it's good that we can relate to her attitude and character.                                       Augustus Waters: Really is a gorgeous plot-twist. Not from the outside (We're still talking about the book) but he's such a funny character, and he's definitely love-interest goals. On my scale of 0 to Peeta for boys, 0 being awful and Peeta being the height of all boy perfection, Augustus would be a 8. He's brilliantly written and funny, but nobody can really be a Peeta (except Peeta).

The Movie:
My rating: 4/5
I really liked this movie, it didn't really deliver the depth of the of the book, but seeing all the pain on-screen was my undoing. It's a great movie, and largely successful for such a small budget. Who didn't cry while watching that movie? Ugh it was painful. 
I think it was cool that John Green is in the movie, even if it's a tiny part, it's still really cool. I hope one day when I've written my own book, I get to be in its movie. 
Shailene Woodley was phenomenal. She's sarcastic, funny, sad, and beautiful. It's such a shame that her performance in the Divergent series is good but wasted on the stupid the changes they made while adapting from book to movie. The divergent series is such a waste of money and talent. But seriously, Shailene Woodley in The Fault in our Stars made my heart melt.

Ansel Elgort: really brings Augustus's charming and funny side to life without mocking the situations that the characters are in. Which is very important because all in all, it's a serious topic, so the movie should not be insulting. 
This movie came together very well. All the characters and the people and the heart in it made it amazing and I am forever grateful.

My rating on the book: 4.5/5 
I don't know what to say. I was both happy and sad but exited and depressed. I loved this book so so much and I wouldn't trade it for the world. Some people would maybe like to change the ending but I wouldn't, because it makes the story realistic. I had promised myself not to spoil the ending of a book in my reviews but I can't stop myself. I mean with this ending what can you say? Right?

It didn't made me cry, surprisingly. Actually, I already knew the exhilarating ending. That is why, my friends, you don't ask for spoilers! Which is ironic. I, personally, love spoilers but I will go into killing mode if you spoil something without my permission. Arg!! Speaking of killing the book emotionally tortured me. I absolutely love the relationships all the characters have. I am sure that the beautiful Hazel Grace Lancaster will eventually give up her fight with cancer and go up to Fan Heaven. It is hard to admit to someone that a certain character will eventually die, but all characters live in a book and sometime so do we. John Green's books are amazing and quite refreshing but can be worked on a bit more. They are a quick read but usually leave a big impact. They are like comets; rare and unexpected. Many books are a piece of art but this one is a whole other story (*wink, wink*). 

Books are the odd character in a story. They are there and they are different all are unique but they just seem fitting. The Fault in Our Stars is an incredible story. It made your feelings go a 360 circle and it made it spin like a tornado. It was a big and majestic tornado that came and destroyed your feelings slowly and painfully but all the more breathtaking. It left behind pieces of your feelings that you had to mend back together from scratch. But they left memories and scars behind and that is why it is possible for me to write this without tearing up. 

The sub-main character is the one that left the most impact. Augustus was the beautiful scenery of the storm in the horizon, the one that will later come and destroy you. It is not hard to get attached to a person but when they leave you it takes a while to get attached to it gone. The character made me smile and sad. He was a breath of fresh air, the kind that you smell at the ocean. The one with the salt tickling your inside and making you want more. Unfortunately it comes from the home of the greatest storm and this fact just makes me sad. Just writing this will make me think of Augustus whenever I go to the sea but I will not be sad, I will just smile at the fact that he was the perfect person for Hazel. 

Hazel, Hazel and Hazel. Where do I start? That little stubborn grenade, like she calls herself, made me want to rip out my hair in exasperation but it also made me want to hug her. She is also one of those strong female protagonist that will make you do more than possible. She was funny and quirky and was the epitome of strong. I love her so so much and wish her all the best.  This book doesn't deserve a sequel. Not that it's not good but the story stopped when it should have. She sometimes felt really bad in her skin and that makes her even more relatable too. I wouldn't want to know how cancer feels but the description John Green provides are quite scary. 

I really appreciated the way he writes. He writes with so much metaphors and similes that just makes you understand the story even more. He has a really great writing style. He has the enough balance between dialogue and the rest. He, himself is a breath of fresh air. Writing this makes me think of the little history clips he makes, our (very annoying) humanities teacher makes us watch a lot of videos on history and places and John Greens videos are part of them. 

I would love to meet John Green and would love for him to sign my copy of his books. Thank you very much of reading this and see you later! (Oh and I didn't have the chance to watch the movie yet, like I have mentioned in one of my earlier posts I should really do a movie marathon of all the books I haven't seen YET.)


  1. I couldn't have put it better myself! For me, The Fault in Our Stars had the perfect balance of realism but without me doing the ugly cry. Great review! I'm also a new Bloglovin' follower.

    1. Thank you!!! So glad you enjoyed reading and it's awesome that you agreed. Thanks for following!


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