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Hello, lovelies! If you want to talk to us feel free to send us an e-mail we would love to receive it and will gladly respond! In any case please send your email to YOMNAANDSRISHTI@GMAIL.COM

Here is what you need to do:

For Authors and Publishers: 
When reviewing a book we are always 100% honest. We would be blunt if we disliked it or if we loved it, the fact that you contacted us will not change that. We will also mention if you have contacted us to review the book.
  • First, if you are a self published author: We are sorry to say that we will not be able to read and review your book for sure unless you send it to us.
  • Authors/Publishers: We would love to review your book. Unfortunately we have certain genres we prefer so here they are: 
  • Fantasy
  • Romance
  • Non-Fiction (If we are interested in the book description)
  • Contemporary
  • Classics 
  • All YA 
  • Historical Fiction 
The ones we definitely won't accept:
  • Horror
  • Erotica  
  • Memoir
In the email you must include:
  1. To not get your email lost please write BOOK REVIEW on the subject
  2. The title of the book of course 
  3. A cover image (as an attachment)
  4. The book description
  5. Any links you might like to add (Goodreads, Amazon, Instagram, etc)
  6. In case you want a certain date you want the book reviewed by, please inform us.
We will try to review your book within a month. When the book is reviewed we will send you an email with the link of the review.
To just say hi or any other reason why: 
If you want to contact us just to say hi, that is absolutely fine! First, that is super cute! And second we will gladly respond! If it is for another reason (which I will have no idea why) please make sure not to scare us!


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