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Friday, 4 May 2018

A Court of Frost and Starlight by Sarah J Maas | The epilogue we all needed after ACOWAR

Look at this gorgeous cover! This is the first time I prefer the UK cover over the US one! Funny how things change. 

My rating: 5/5

SPOILERS! Proceed at your OWN risk!
Short reactions:
  • Nesta my poor self-destructive baby 
  • Elain and Azriel yesss Omg boy do we have a lot to talk about. 
Okay, first of all, I loved it. Seeing things from everyone's POV was gold. The characters are so different, and dealing with their problems so differently its honestly just beautiful. Their personalities are so diverse. I loved especially Mor and Cassian's POV. For me, it was interesting to see where they come from as characters and why they act and feel the way they do. I think I honestly needed this book much more than I thought. 

I know that this book is a mixed bag for some people, just because none of us anticipates another primarily Feysand book, but for me it was perfect. It was a good epilogue for ACOWAR but simultaneously a great look into what's coming. Sarah J Maas always surprises me with her books because before they're released there's a lot of spoilers and criticisms and hate that its hard not to get influenced and forget a little my love for her characters and her books, but she reminds me everytime of why I love her writing. 

I loved the relationship between Rhys and Feyre. I liked how they loved each other but still questioned each other and kept themselves in check. Another relationship that I was really into in this book was Elain and Azriel, it was so on point. I left ACOWAR being a faithful elucien (Elain/Lucien) supporter, but I have definitely jumped ship. I have a feeling it's going to be Lucien and Vassa in the end. 

A lot of people, in particular, were criticising Sarah J Maas' portrayal of Nesta, but I thought it was perfect. I read that some thought Maas' writing made it seem like the Inner circle was all against Nesta or something, but I did not pick up on that. Feyre and Elain so clearly want to rekindle their relationship with her that I think saying that is just unfair. Rhys does not try to hide his dislike for her but I think he is justified considering he sympathizes with Feyre. I think they were all just generally concerned. That small part from Cassian and Nesta's POV was really good because we could see the sadness in her mind and it broke my heart. I don't think that the inner circle in this book was acting out of hatred or out of the will for her not to have freedom, but to protect Nesta from herself. 

Which brings us to the sneak peek, which I LOVED. IT WAS SO GOOD. I'm so excited for this book now because Nesta deserves to get the Chaol/Aelin treatment, what I mean by that is that she is a complex character and we need to understand things from her point of view. I want to see her growth as a character, I really think that is going to be incredible, especially if its anything like Heir of Fire.

Anyways, I hope you all enjoyed it as much as I did! 


  1. So agree with you! I loved Nesta's portrayal because she is clearly dealing with trauma and I never thought it was people were against her but that they didnt know how to reach her. And I am SO HERE for Elain and Azriel, love them both so much. Great review!

    1. Thanks so much Teresa! I know right? I feel like the next book is going to have so much character development for Nesta! Can't wait!


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