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Sunday, 16 April 2017

All Our Wrong Todays by Elan Mastai | Time travel messes things up {Yomna's Review}

A fantastic book! I strongly recommend reading it! It has already been released in the UK, and you can get it now! 

Thank you so much to Penguin UK for allowing me to read a free copy of this book! It has been an absolute pleasure!

Spoiler free review!

My rating: 4/5

This book is about a guy named Tom, who lives in an ultra-advanced 2016, with futuristic gadgets like floating vehicles, food synthesizers, buildings made out of new particles, and peace (that counts as a futuristic gadget, right?). During a trip to the past, Tom makes a significant enough mistake that places him in our world. 

The story is about all the possibilities of worlds in which he exists, and how he changed based on what happened to him. Time travel takes a dark turn as it is finally understood that when you create something, you must be aware of its negative consequences, consistently. 

I don't want to describe too much of the plot itself lest I spoil it, but here's the gist of it: It's really good! I don't really read a lot of things other than Young Adult fiction (most of the time I'm oblivious to the fact that other types of literature even exist because, since when?), and I was surprised to have enjoyed this novel beyond my meager expectations. I always expect adult books to be really boring and dull, but I am so, so, wrong. Mostly, adult books have more swearing, a little more inappropriateness, and that's basically it! There's nothing complicated or befuddling about it. According to the government, I am a child and I was 100% okay with this book. If you're okay with a little swearing and a little seriousness, you're all set for this book. 

Anyways, the point is, this book is mind-blowing and here's why everyone should read it:

1) A really great main character. Tom is a really genuine and cool character. He's really fun to read. 
2) Really interesting concepts. My mind was so fascinating with all the explanations for time-travel, they made perfect sense, and felt really possible. Though I 100% think time-travel is a horrible idea, it feels really cool that it could be potentially even a thing rather than a mere fantasy. 
3) A great set of supporting characters: Even the villain in this story is on point. And Tom's family and love interest are so fundamentally enjoyable!
4) The writing style is fantastic! I loved the short chapters, it was just so effortless to get there, and fun. I honestly hate it when I feel like I have to finish a book just for the sake of it and not enjoy it. I was so sad when there were only 20 pages left. 

So, yeah, these are my reasons! This book has filled me with the notion that I will never be happy until every single person in the universe has read it, so help me out here!

Yomna <3


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