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Saturday, 21 January 2017

Truthwitch by Susan Dennard {Yomna's Review} | Saving the world is a two-woman job!

In Truthwitch by Susan Dennard, saving the world is a two-woman job!



Incredible storytelling combined with excellently-crafted characters, are what makes Truthwitch so magical, so uplifting, and as a matter of fact, pretty inspiring. 

Safiya and Iseult are a magnificent pair. I know I shouldn't pick favorites, but Safiya is definitely my favorite of the two. She's so wild and undeterred and I just felt like she was the more vibrant of the two. And I'm pretty sure that's her on the cover, since she's the one who has golden hair. I didn't know it was possible to look so gorgeously sexy while killing someone. I also really like how her name is Arabic. It means 'pure' in arabic. 

Although, of course, I love them both! 

The friendship in this book is absolutely incredible. I'm so excited to see Safiya and Iseult save the world together! It's going to be so epic and I can't wait!


Prince Merik: Oh my god, I want me one of him! The romance between him and Safiya was mind-blowing. SO MUCH TENSION. Although that presumably is a bad thing, the more the tension the more rewarding it is when they finally get together. Like finally. 

Merik is fantastic. The whole general/warrior/prince is definitely working on me. He's so hot. 

"I am not tumbling with a domna. Especially one who's betrothed to the Emperor of Cartorra. Plus, she makes my temper flare out of control. Every time I think it's smooth sailing, she'll say something offensive and the squall returns."

Kullen choked, but when Merik's eyes snapped to him with alarm, he found that Kullen was simply laughing-albeit wheezily. "That's not your temper, you big dolt. It's your magic responding to a woman like Noden intended. What the Hell do you think happens to my witchery when Ryber and I-"

"I don't want to know!" Merik flung up flat-palmed hands.

Can you tumble with me? 

Side characters:

They were so cute! No no no no no! This is literally so unfair I can't believe this happened. I loved Kellum so much! 

I also really liked Evraene (I hope I'm spelling this right). She was a badass old woman! And boy do we need more badass old women in books! Old and free, baby! 

Aeduan: Aeduan I have mixed feelings about. He's cool, and it's seems like he has the potential to become a good person, but who knows. I kinda ship him with Iseult. I mean, if Safiya gets a love interest, it's only fair that Iseult does too. Right? I feel like Aeduan is the kind of person that seems really scary and intimidating but is actually a softie inside. 

I didn't love the parts from his POV. My favorite POV was definitely Safiya's, and Aeduan seemed annoying. At the end of the book, though, I enjoyed how he redeemed himself by not killing Iseult and saving Evraene. He's not all good yet, but it's a good start. I like anti-heroes.

My favorite part: Definitely the kissing scene between Merik and Safiya. It was so cute! GAHHHHSFKFBSKBDKFGBSKHKDKHSKHGKSDBMFB. SO MANY FEELINGS

“If you were that sort of girl, then…” Merik lifted a hand to her jaw—tentative at first, then more confident when she didn’t pull away. “Then I would start here and move down your throat.” His fingers whispered over her neck, to her collarbone—and Merik was pleased by how punctuated her breaths grew. How much her lips trembled.” 

The world in this book is pretty damn amazing! As with any high fantasy, it made it a bit hard to get into because the world is being set up and built, but it was so worth it. I felt like the atmosphere was so vibrant and fantastic, the kind that makes you want to jump in and live. 

I really like the whole, thread-family and heart-thread stuff. I really like it when there's a special bond that pulls people together, something beyond the ordinary. And I'm pretty sure Safiya and Merik are heart-threads. 


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