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Friday, 16 September 2016

How to get over Empire of Storms | Nameless is my price {Yomna's Review}

“Nameless is my price”

Bitch, no it isn’t. I officially prevent it.

My rating: 5/5


How to get over Empire of Storms? The answer is, you can't.

Okay, before we get talking about that ending, let’s go through the whole book.

“And what I said still holds. I’m not taking you against a tree the first time.”

Aren’t sticky notes just the best? It makes it so much easier to write my review.
First sticky note, just after that mysterious passage with Gavin and Elena. One of the best things about Throne of Glass is that it has gotten progressively sexier as the books go on.

All the Rowan and Aelin parts are lovely, from the beginning you see Rowan and Aelin together, like they should’ve ended this book.

The great and awful thing about Sarah J Maas’ books, is there isn’t one climax to the story. There’s a grand total of about 10,067. And that makes the book so fast-paced, so unable to put down. This book keeps you thinking ‘just one more chapter’ until you’ve reached the startling end.

My first ‘oh shit’ moment was definitely with Darrow. That bastard to deny Aelin the crown. Who do you think you are, Darrow? I’m going to cut your throat, hun.

Then there’s Elide, who has a Wyrdkey and is trying to get it to Celaena Sardothien. I think in the beginning it’s a bit hilarious seeing as she had no idea Celaena Sardothien was Aelin Galthynius.

I have to say the 100,000 different point of views in this book were spectacular. I looked forward and enjoyed every one of them which is a lot to say, since books with a lot of points of views can really annoy me.

“Everything had gone to shit.

Manon is the definition of ruthlessness, and badassness, just as Aelin is. The two are similar in so many ways, you’d think they’d get along better. In fact, Aelin, Ansel, and Manon should really be best friends.

Manon’s defiance of her grandmother is this book; spectacular. Such a contrast to Manon in Heir of Fire, who was just this heartless unfeeling, witch of a person. Now she has a heart, a conscience, a soul. A true reminder that evil things are made that way, and that it is not their true essence.

Speaking of Manon, let’s talk about our dear King of Adarlan, Dorian. I ship these two so hard. The scene with the chains was so sexy and awesome. It gave me chills, from how good it was. Chills, I tell you.

What’s really sad is how strained the relationship between Aelin and Dorian is. I know it’s not that bad, but I wish they were more….united. I hope this gets fixed in book 6.

Here is a list of all the ships I ship in this series:
1)   Rowan/ Aelin
2)   Lysandra/ Aedion
3)   Elide/ Lorcan
4)   Manon/ Dorian
5) Nesryn/ Chaol
They all have so much chemistry.

Also, I made a list of all of Aelin’s allies in the war:
1)   Rowan
2)   The cadre; Gavriel, Lorcan, Fenrys
3)   Aedion and Lysandra
4)   Elide
5)   Ansel and her troops
6)   Rolfe, the Mycenians (dragon people)
7)   Manon and the Thirteen
8)   Murtough and Ren dude
9)   The Assassins of the Red Desert
10)        Whitethorn Cousins

I had two absolutely favourite parts in this book.

In second place….. Aelin’s meeting with Rolfe.

“You will find Rolfe, that one does not deal with Celaena Sardothien. One survives her.”

This conversation was hilarious and so entertaining. Best part of it was when Aelin picked up those emeralds and started counting them off, while flirting with Rowan. These two; oh god, so meant to be.

In first place….. Rowan/ Aelin sex on the beach.

This scene, flawless, everything about it, flawless. It made my heart burst with happiness. Of all the places I thought Rowan and Aelin would finally have their moment, I never imagined it’d be on the beach.

Talk about the real cake by the ocean floor.

“I’ve never been with an……equal.”

Okay, for those of you who’ve read ACOTAR/ACOMAF (don’t worry no spoilers from that) we know that this isn’t just a passing reference. In ACOTAR, it is mentioned that your mate is your equal, in every way. And this is the first tendril of a sign that Rowan and Aelin are mates. Later, Manon makes it startlingly obvious by calling Rowan Aelin’s mate.

Then of course, we have the grand reveal by Maeve, where she announced that they were mates.

Elide and Lorcan are also perfection. The whole I’m-a-heartless-warrior-but-you’re-changing-me thing makes my heart melt. Their kiss was beautiful, and the scene where Fenrys bit Elide’s arm had me tearing up. So much love, in these books.

Now, we can talk about that ending.

Honestly, can’t say I did not expect this to happen. Sarah J Maas has always been bold with her writing, and her dramatic finales.


That bitch Elena. I’m trying not to hate her, but it’s hard to forget, that she is the cause of all this suffering for Aelin.

I hope to god something happens to prevent Aelin from dying. It would destroy Rowan; destroy him. And it’s a pity that she would end up never seeing her country happy and in peace ever. Never get to spend those hundreds of years with Rowan. Never get to conquer the whole world (not entirely on board with this plan but okay I guess. I mean I don't think it'll ever happen, so I'm not too worried). That’s why Aelin shouldn’t die. Because of the sole fact that she has earned her life, through fights and devastation.

So To Sarah J Mass,
If you’re reading this, it’s not too late.
Please don’t break our hearts.

Maeve is such a cruel queen.

Here’s to hoping that brave people get happy endings,
Comment and share! I want to hear your thoughts and opinions!

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