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Monday, 1 August 2016

P.S. I Like You by Kasie West {Yomna's Review}

My rating 4/4

Spoilers!! Proceed at your own risk!

Okay, first of all, can we talk about the cover?!? It's so gorgeous. I love how cute it is. Cade definitely looks great. And Lily looks super adorable. 

I really liked this book. I would like someone to immediately recommend another cute contemporary because I loved this one.

At first I was wondering why Kasie West kept talking about Cade over and over again, bringing him into to the plot when what we really want is to forget about him. And then I wondered, what if he was??? I immediately shut that thought down. 

Uh no, she wouldn't do that. So I kept on thinking it would be Lucas, because I bet anyone who read this book thought about who the mysterious boy would be 3/4s of the time. Until, of course, we found out. 

“I’m with you on measuring this week in letters and the two-day drought we are about to experience. If only there was a way to transport letters faster, through some sort of electronic device that codes messages and sends them through the air. But that’s just crazy talk.

Friday from me:

Sending letters through the sky? Like when airplanes attach notes to their tails? I thought they only advertised for going-out-of-business sales. But perhaps our letters would be okay up there as well. I wonder how much they charge per word.” 

So maybe, of course, I wasn't totally surprised that it turned out to be Cade, but I was still pretty surprised. I hope the books I read never stop surprising me. 

The cuteness of this book is overwhelming! It was just so fun to read and so easy to enjoy. I almost forgot how simple contemporaries are to read. Because you're not trying to understand a world wildly different to yours, it's so much easier to get into. Cade and Lily as a couple were flawless. I was squealing at 6 AM in the morning (I woke up at 5 AM and couldn't sleep) at the cuteness. I ship them to eternity and back. 

I love love Kasie West's writing. It's so sweet and meaningful yet uncomplicated. I also loved The Fill In Boyfriend and The Distance Between Us, they're both great cute reads. If you liked this one, you should definitely check them out!



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