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Friday, 29 July 2016

The Assassin's Blade {Yomna's Review}

Warning: this review contains spoilers from the whole Throne of Glass series. 

So I love the throne of Glass series, and I wanted to read the Assassin's blade, but I decided to put it off for a while so I could read it just before Empire of Storms' release, but it was too tempting and I couldn't not read it.

“She was fire, she was darkness, she was dust and blood and shadow.” 

Celaena's character is just as enjoyable as ever, and my fascination with her only seems to grow. Her badass qualities, compassion, and incredible taste in fashion, make her one of my favorite characters of all time. 

Sam Cortland is gorgeous (I can just feel it) and I loved the romance between him and Celaena. I saw this thing on my Pinterest the other day that said that if Sam Cortland was alive, not of the other love interests (Rowan, Chaol, Dorian) wouldn't stand a chance. I think they still would. Sure, Sam is wonderful, but his relationship ship with Celaena isn't as wonderfully steamy as Rowan's, as friendly as Chaol's (yes, I just put Chaol in the friend zone) and isn't as fun as Dorian's.

“My name is Celaena Sardothien, and I will not be afraid.”

Also did anyone notice in The Assassin and the Underworld that our very own Dorian was the stuffy noble with the Sapphire eyes!!! And Chaol was probably the one pulling him away from Celaena. I mean, yes, technically that's a theory, but did anyone else notice? Dorian would totally do that!!!

These novels are brutal and captivating, with their themes or violence, love, friendship, betrayal and so many others. Speaking of betraying though, can we please talk about Arobynn (which autocorrects to 'around' by the way)? I mean wow. I can't believe he had the NERVE to do that. So evil!!! Of course he betrayed her!!!! God I hate him. Thank god he died in Queen of Shadows.

I loved the scenes between Lysandra and Celaena. It's so funny to think that they actually become best friends. I love Lysandra and Celaena together so seeing their rivalry in these novels was great. Also I'm so glad the whole witch Crochan curse thing was cleared up. I had no idea what the curse was so I was confused.

“The silence was suddenly too charged, his face too beautiful in the light.”

Ansel was awesome!!! I really, really, really, (I mean really) hope we meet her again in the next two Throne of Glass books! I feel like that would just bring the story full circle.

Anyways!!! Absolutely loved these novellas (Sarah J Maas, keep writing) and strongly recommend them! I feel like I just know so much more about Celaena and why she did the things she did in the other books! Also loved the little scene with the stag, it was so beautiful.

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