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Saturday, 4 June 2016

King of Shadows | Srishti's review

Follow Nate Field through an 
Extra-ordinary adventure in 
Susan Cooper's 1999 
historical novel!

I really liked this book and really recommend this to all Shakespeare lovers. It is with my pleasure that I rate this book 3 stars out of 5! We actually had to read this for our English class! Yay, assigned books! I should have a special place for all those assigned books. Like a corner on this blog where I have assigned books 'cause that's all I read (wink, wink). I don't know what your opinion is on assigned books is but I feel like 25% of the time the books are good. And this book is part of the 25%! So if you want to know why you should read this book, continue reading like right now! WOAH! Let's review! 

I was so confused as to why Nate had to travel back in time! Like what why? Wait, if you are a regular reader of our blog you will notice that we aren't adding the synopsis of the book. So I need to be the one to summarise it. Yay more work for me. That's great! Note the sarcasm. So let's make this quick then. Nate field = theatre actor (Shakespeare play) = currently playing Puck in the play Midsummer's Night Dream =  finds himself back in time = plays Puck's first appearance in the world of theatre = comes back in his normal time. So that's the summary of the book. Oops this contains spoilers! 

Susan Cooper has done an awesome job at describing the Elizabethan times. She uses the five senses to set the atmosphere. Which is perfect and just wow. The author is an amazing writer, that writes fluently. The book is definitely a page turner and plus it's only about 190 pages. So yeah you should go and read it! 

Surprisingly, I have read a book without romance! Technically I didn't choose to read it but still. It was a really refreshing story without a lot of drama which was a great break from my drama-full life. Who am I kidding my life is boring af! So like I just said, the book made me feel completely entranced. I read it in a day and have since needed to search far in my brain 
to find what I had to say about this book. 

This is one of those books you forget about after one month. So read it, even if you didn't like it you'll forget about it sooner or later, so yup READ. I feel like I am advertising this book and forcing you to read it. Like what! Who does that! 

And that is it for my review, folks! I hope you enjoyed it! And read the book. 




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