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Monday, 9 May 2016

When Dreams Come True by Rebecca Emin {Yomna's Review}

Thank you to Net Galley and Gingersnap Books for a free copy of this book!

So for this review I'm testing out a different style. Instead of writing the review when I'm done with the book, I will write down my thoughts for certain significant events as soon as I get to them, and in the end string them all together and summarize. Hopefully this will help me so I don't forget what I'm thinking. 

My rating: 4/5

In the beginning: so far, so good. We have a main character who's different from the people around her who thinks differently. I'm fairly certain I would never pick up this were it not for net galley. I'm more into fantasy and romance but I do like this story so far. 

Dreams: I think the way the story is set up with her odd dreams is really cool, I'm really excited to see what happens when they start coming true. 
Also, I hope some of those kissing dreams start coming true because I really like those. 
Note: if I keep not knowing if something is a dream or not, this book and I will not be friends. 

Allie: completely inaccurate representation of girls these days. She's so obnoxious and irritating. But whatever, it's not my story so not my place to ruin the author's imagination by comparing it to reality. 
"Allie seems to suddenly suffer from vertigo, she’s definitely not an action chick!" Is it just me or does this sentence just seems so ridiculously immature for a person in 'Year Nine'. A 14/15 year old should definitely not act like that. 
This story is actually pretty hilarious. If you're looking for a funny read, go for this one definitely. 
Also, really like Allie and Charlie's friendship. It's really sweet. Seems like the 'opposites attract' kind of friendship. 

Chapters: possibly the best thing about this book so far is that the chapters are really short. They get straight to the point. Thank god for that because I feel like if they were longer the story would just be tired. The way it's written now though, is endlessly original and enjoyable without having huge emotional events. 

British talk: I actually live in London so I've heard a lot of the British expressions I'm reading, and I like that she's got them all accurate. I'm going to say for the record that I hate the word 'snog'. It sound disgusting. 

Romance: I actually really liked the romance in this book! It was really cute and genuine. Max is such a kind character. It's nothing outrageous but it makes sense for the main character's age. 

“Oh, thank goodness,” he says as he slowly leans towards me again. His eyes close just as our lips meet and something like electricity shoots through my whole body. It feels like something is fizzing all over my lips, and my stomach flips. He's so hesitant and gentle. I slide my arms around him and give him a hug.

Let's summarize: this book I actually really enjoyed! Surprisingly so because I don't read a lot of contemporary here-and-now stories so this was a nice refresher. Definitely very impressed although the writing was a bit immature. If you're looking for a heartwarming sweet read definitely read this! 
After lunch, we listen to the speeches. I put my arm around Max as Andrew says, “Thanks to everyone for coming along today. It really has been like a dream come true.”   THE END


  1. Dear Yomna,
    Thank you very much for this wonderful review and for posting it here on your blog. I really appreciate it and I am glad you enjoyed my book.
    Best wishes
    Rebecca x

    1. Thank you so much for writing it! It was wonderful!


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