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Monday, 30 May 2016

What books gave me | This might get deep | Srishti

This post is a bit special, it will just be ranting but I hope you enjoy it. So sit comfortably, make yourself a snack, block every thoughts that might disturb you, and simply enjoy. 

 I have been thinking about this for a while now and I was reading some texts my friends wrote on a group chat and they were talking about how books/movies affect people and if they teach them anything at all. People have many different opinions on this and so do I. I think of books as an escape and I think a lot of people think so too. I don't hate the world or want to leave it but we all need a break from the real world because it's too much. And thats okay! That's normal. 
I know I am still young that shouldn't think about all this or already be having to escape like I said earlier but it is okay to think so.  That is what books are to me. An escape. 

Books and movies have always been in my life. I've always loved them. They have helped me improve my vocabulary and have also helped me learn English more enjoyably. So yes, books have taught me more that I can love. That is my opinion. Books have taught me about situations I never would have thought about. It taught me how to deal with having superpowers. It has taught me how to get over a breakup. More importantly it has taught me to not be a judge of someone.

There is a lot of books out there. That also means that there is a lot of different books. That also means a lot more to learn. That also means a lot of characters. That also means a lot of role models.

There is a reason why people fangirl over books or movies. Because we love the stories and the characters. The characters are all that we would want to be. We want to be like them: as confident (as Katniss) , as courageous (as Harry Potter), as smart (as Matilda), as kind (as Cinderella), as witty (as Cat in the hat), as pretty (as America) and the list can go on. Books are in a way my idol. I believe they have shaped me into someone I wouldn't be without them.

Books have given more comebacks than anyone else has.

I would love to know what I would look like in a book. Would I be that character that everyone loves? Would that be that character that has inspired others? Who would I be? I will always wish to be someone else. I will always want to be more than I am. And that's okay. So this is my goal. To be someone. I want to be the best person I can be. That is what books have showed me. They have inspired me in many ways. It has showed me the point of view of others. I know you might say books are just a story, and they are. Just a story. A story that has helped me be me.

So this is it stories have inspired me, taught me different things, have shaped me into someone new, have given me an escape. That is what books gave me. A lot. That is why I read.

I guess you are still wondering where this is going. You might be confused at what this post is about. You might expected something funny, sad or just plain. This post is still a mystery to me too. I just feel inspired to write what I am writing. I am getting what I think about books out of my system, I guess. This started as just a rant and that is how am going to end it as a rant. And that's okay, I guess. 

Thanks for reading my rant, Srishti


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