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Monday, 16 May 2016

The Star-Touched Queen by Roshani Chokshi {Yomna's Review}

My rating: 4.5/5
For all the fantasy lovers out there. This book will blow your mind. Imaginative, romantic and just lovely and fun to read. 

"I dropped my hand from his and the

 world broke between us."

Wow. Absolutely stunning read. Definitely recommend it. 

Amar: I love Amar. He's amazing. Definitely an incredibly written character. And the way he's written in the book where it's uncertain whether he's evil or good makes you love him so much more once you find out he's actually a good character. 

Nritti: So usually when I read a book, there's a villain that I love to hate, because they're just so awful. This one, however I hated to hate Nritti because I just felt really sorry for her. She's a really strong and fierce character but she chose the wrong way and it wrecked her. In the end, instead of me portraying her as an evil character, I just saw her as sad.  

    “Do not be. Do not be anything. Do not mourn a life you do not know. It is done, it has happened. It is a riven bone, without meat or memory.”

Unconditional love: I love the romance in this book. Amar and Maya's love was so timeless and unconditional. The fact that they struggled to find each other in so many different lives is so fascinating. I also find that it is pretty realistic because it has problems and obstacles to wade through. Absolute pleasure reading the romance in this book. 

“All I saw were his eyes. Velvet dark. The kind of umbra that shadows envy. Amar stared at me and his gaze was desperate with hope. Reckless. I should’ve stopped. I should’ve stepped away. But I didn’t. I leaned forward, and a soft growl—like surrender—escaped his throat. He dug his fingers into my back and pulled me into a kiss. Amar’s kiss was furious. No heat. Just lightning. Or maybe that was what his touch teased out of me—vivid streaks of light, dusk and all her violent glory. I was lost. I leaned into his kiss and the world around us peeled into nothing. I felt like I could stand over chasms empty of time, and this moment, like a chain of soft-blooming stars, would still be ours.

We kissed until we couldn’t breathe. And then we kissed until we needed the touch of one another like breath itself.”

Guari: Guari is so cool! So kick ass and amazing. When she was young she was adorable and cute but later when you see her she's so strong and beautiful I loved her. Definitely my favorite character in the story. When Maya said goodbye to her I almost cried. 

Expectations VS Reality: My expectations for this book were that the book would be mostly about a girl going to a foreign country and marrying for political convenience, and the girl hates her husband. Boy turns out to be actually really nice and they fall in love. This book (and thankfully) was not like that at all, and I'm really happy about that! In reality this book involved a lot less romance than I thought and a lot more power and magic and epic cool stuff. It was amazing. 

World: The world in this book was enchanting. The descriptions of the things like the Night Bazaar were so cool. Apparently it's based on Indian mythology and I just think that's so cool. 

The Dharma Raja and Maya remind me a little of Hades and Persephone but about ten times cooler and more epic. I've read so many stories like these before and this one has such an original spin to it. 

Writing: Perfection. Practically every sentence was quotable. Dialogue was different from the kind we have now which made this experience just so involving because it cuts you off from the world completely, and I really admire a book that cuts me off like that.

Furthermore, for lovers of romance and fantasy, read this, if you don't love romance and fantasy, you should probably read it anyway. It's really good. 

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