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Tuesday, 12 April 2016

My five all time favourite Wattpad books: (Srishti)

I absolutely love Wattpad. It is a great app that permits you too explore million books written by people just like you. Unfortunately, some books aren't great and have grammatical errors. When you find good books however you can't let them go. I have come across many books, all of them fantastic but they all thought me a lesson, so here is why I am here to share them.

There is so much different genres of books that I was going crazy. I fell in love with each and every book I had the pleasure to read and appreciate! I especially loved the bad boy themed books. Unfortunately for yo, I haven't mentioned any here. I choose five easy reads that will be read in about a day or two. That's how good they are. It was hard for me to choose five to show but here are the five gems I had the pleasure to read:

P.S. I haven't inserted any descriptions as I was to lazy but you can find them on google so YAY!

  Paper Sails by @emslough (romance/ short story): 
This book is absolutely amazing. It is a breath of fresh air and it makes you want to crave for more ... ice cream. Yup you heard me, crave for ice cream. The book was filled with joyful and sad moments, which makes it even more beautiful. I laughed and cried the same time Nari and Ace did. I absolutely loved the romance, it went slow and just like a normal relationship would in my mind. I absolutely hate when in books a relationship is too rushed and sudden which is not the case here. Yay!

  The Lesson: 

During the book we see Nari's struggle to find her "home" and how due to her feeling like she didn't have a family of her own she feels like she doesn't belong. She then proceeds to move from places to places and that thought me that even if you don't feel as if you belonged or even feel as you are out of character don't give up because you will find your home one day.

  It's Not Love. It's Hormones by @bookwormlover101 (romance): 
I went through this story like light travels. Hella fast! I loved it so much. It was funny and contained a lot of romance. I loved the way all the characters are build up. They have all something special that I love. I adored the idea of this very close group of friends and their adventures being told. What I loved and hate is the romance. I adored some ships and all the flirty banter but some relationships can be erased hence disappear as they are simply useless.

  The Lesson: 

Stay close to your friends! Even after a humongous fight. I was envious of their platonic relationships. It was playful and encouraging. I have the chance to have close friends that I absolutely adore. What this book shoes is how close the friends are, they visit each other even after graduating high school and that's what I want! 


Cinder Falls (#1 of the series) by @_Palen (fantasy): 

I loved it! This book is to die for. I loved the romance, the action, everything! I am a fan of fairytale retelling, as I have mentioned on my A court of thorns and roses review. I have read plenty of retelling but this one is one of my favourite. If you couldn't differ from the title already it is a Cinderella retelling. It has a very pleasant twist and I recommend it to all you princess and princes out there!

The lesson: 
Everyone that has seen/read Cinderella must know the lesson and it certainly applies here. Be kind to everyone. I am was very against this certain statement because I would never be kind to someone that is abusive or mean to me but this story changed my perspective on this statement. I will be kind to people I have faith in. 

A touch of Grace by @istolethecookiez (romance) :
Urgggg! The cuteness! I was entranced in this story so so much! I had the horrible fortune to the fact that it wasn't completed and I had to wait a week or so for each chapter to come out, do you see the tragedy here? I love Phoenix so much and want him for me but his hearth belongs to Grace! I loved the story so much expect for the fact that they kept their relationship a secret which I couldn't deal with! All the characters have joined the others in my honeymoon palace! (See dictionary on the sidebar for more definition of said term.)

The lesson:
Don't keep your feelings a secret. I have learned that (because of dear Phoenix) that it is better to be straight forward then hide ones feelings. I am a very shy person and I am starting to be more confident and outgoing in my opinion but I am still a bit reserved and being a bit more open would save me a hella lot of time! 

Drakkon by @CrestFallenStar (fantasy): 
Omg! I am still hangover from this epic story! I have been waiting to talk about this gem for ages (a month or so) and it feels like eternity! I have asked Yomna to read it and she said she liked it but disliked some of the characters attitude. Which I was totally against because their "attitude" is one of the main message the story wants to tell. I liked the romance and the different emotions we get to see in the book, if that makes sense. The different cultures we get to see are nice. I loved the fantasy world and sigh. I loved it!

The lesson: 

I don't really know how to explain this but of I had to choose an idiom it would be, drum roll: 
Don't judge a book by it's cover! You fellow readers have heard this a billion times but don't always respect that which I do to but this story showed me how trying to see the story behind a person is important.

And voilĂ ! It is me your fangirl! I  relieved I finished 
this post and wish for you to read 
those books!
Your fangirl

Oh and just a question, do you have Wattpad?if yes, did you write a story?

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