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Friday, 15 April 2016

How to deal with an EXTREMELY obsessed fangirl friend

Yomna: Ha ha this post!!! How to deal with an extremely obsessed fangirl friend? You don't. 
Srishti: That is where you are wrong! 
This goes without saying, we all are fangirls, even if it is about a TV show, a book, a celebrity, we all are passionate about something! But we sometimes go a bit more obsessive then normal about something. Or someone else does. I have been categorizing these sublime people and to say it simply you are the fourth if you fall under the extremely obsessive person. So before talking about how to deal with these people here are my categories.

 In my opinion there are four simple stages of fangirls: 
1. The Beginners: the ones that just like them, they don't even know they are fangirls at this point! 
2. The Normal: the ones that are normal know who they are (a.k.a Fangirls) they follow a few fandoms on tumblr. At this point you just like the fandom and fan art. (Me)
3. The Fans: these is the most common ones, they are the fandom, they defend the fandom, they draw the fan art. They probably have written a few fan fictions too.
4. The EXTREMES: that is the ultimate Fangirl. They are scary and adorable. You can't joke about an OTP they dislike or they will stare at you till you squirm. They breathe and live their devotion! (a.k.a my friend!) 
And my friend is the fourth. Her devotion has been what I have come to like the most about her (you know who you are) but some people poke fun of that and assume it is the only thing she talks about (which is like 25% true). I try defending her as much as possible but sometimes it gets too much. At the beginning I was a bit annoyed by the topic she obsessed about due to the influence of others but slowly came to terms with it. Here is some tips and tricks to how to deal with a stage four fangirls.

I had this post in mind for a few days now and I finally had the courage to write it. It's been two years now that I live in London and I have made since then quite a close group of friends and in this close we have a stage four fangirl (a.k.a. YOMNA).    
    1. You read the books (or watch the movies like I did):                                                                                                                    You can't judge a person if you don't know what they are talking about.... Shhh if you actually do it no one knows! Half the time the thing (let's call it magic enjoyment), is good. One tip tho when you do watch/read the magic enjoyment DON'T TELL THEM! Listen carefully, if you tell them they might go crazy and bombard you with stuff! You don't have to do this step but it is better to know what is going on. Chances are you will appreciate the magic enjoyment yourself and will be more willing to talk about it. You will also get your frustration level down. If in any crazy case you hate the magic enjoyment even after seeing it, I am sorry but I can't help you any further.   
    2. You tell her:                                                                                                                                                                                  
    3. This is obviously the hardest. It is going to be awkward and annoyingly frustrating. But YOU need to do it. It is important to this because or you will just cause a drift between your friendship. It is in no case good to talk behind your friends back and you will not want that to happen to you. If you settle your score it will probably make her realize.
    4. You can die happily:

                    And this is it! It isn't long but I am sure it will help. If your friend                     really gets on your nerves you are not worthy of the relationship and                 so is she. I am not telling you to cut of all ties but a friend that can't                 support or communicate properly, isn't a friend. It is important to                     communicate with and support your friend. If it annoys you tell her.                   Besides you might fall in love with the fandom too so don't be so                       stubborn. If it did work well YO WELCOME! I am kidding this is all                     because of your amazing inner fangirl! 

And this all my friends! I hope this helped or was just nice to read. If I had to tell you what type of fangirl I am, I would be the normal one, NUMBER 2! I am glad me and my friend worked it out. We did tell her subtly to indicate our annoyance, but her obsession flew away when it was over. As in the books and the movies were all over and done. And now look at were it brought us! We now own a blog together, YAY! 

What kind of fangirl are you? 

Lots of Love, 

PS. Be there to hug her when she starts crying because it is all over! 


  1. I’m definitely a level four. I’m showing this to my friends !!!


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