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Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Glass Sword by Victoria Aveyard (Srishti's review)

My rating: 4/5

I have read a lot of books that made me cry but I have never thought this one would make me cry too! 

Victoria Aveyard's second book from the Red Queen series, Glass Sword, was emotionally packed. It was quite slow on some certain areas which was also in apparent in Red Queen (picture on the right). I was still, however glued to the book for a good 2 hours taking my time to finish it.

I had first read the first book about 6 months or so ago and have since then recommend it to many of my peers and friends (a.k.a also Yomna) and have been pleased to know they like it too. Yay! Yomna absolutely loved it after commentating on how slow the beginning is. I was ecstatic to know that the second book came out and was envious of all the lucky people who had the hardcover on Instagram. Yomna and I then went on a trip to buy the book but were disappointed to know they didn't have them in stock yet. After the little trip I had bought the girl on the train (that I will be reviewing soon) and had not left the book since then. Yomna bought the e-book and urged me to read it and after a month of not reading anything and concentrating on homework I finally finished it! 

Ok before starting to full on rant about this amazing book I have a one word message dedicated to Victoria Aveyard: WHY? I absolutely loved the book but some parts were a bit annoying and slow. Here is what annoyed me:

• Bloodthirsty: Ok, I get it, you want revenge because they have been so cruel to your kind. I understand where they come from of course but aren't you doing the same? I was prepared for the violence but wasn't for what actually happens. Mare was the one that surprised me the most. She was so focused on revenge that she didn't care about killing anyone, until. Well until her *sobs* brother *sobs* dies. 

Slow: I was a bit disappointed about the fact that action picked up and then it went back to normal. The same thing happened in Red Queen and I hope it doesn't happen in the two next books. 

The fact that it is a series of four books: I like series but when all the books are already out! Urg! I can't wait two years! But I am so excited! 

Points I liked:
Action: WOW!
Romance: WOW! 
The queen: She died yay! 
• And so so many more! 

One last thing before finishing this post: 
Maven better watch yourself young man! Don't destroy the beautiful romance between my two little babies! I was talking to Yomna about Maven and telling her how excited I am to see what will happen to him now that his mother is not here to control his moves. I have absolutely no intention on taking a liking to Maven in the next books to come but I hope he redeems himself or stay his evil badass person he seems to be. I was so happy for Mare to have him as an ally but now I feel stupid for ever believing in him. He was like a puppy but he turned into a crazy bulldog dangerously being feared. Woof woof! So this is the end of my review, can't wait to talk about the two next books that will surely have the same dramatic effect on me. 

Reaction in five gif of the book (chronological order): 

First: I am so happy I can finally spend my time reading this fabulous book! Oh look it's Mare and Cal oh and my new favourite Shade! 

Second: When did this turn so morbid. Is it me or everyone is bloodthirsty! Where have your morals gone?

Third: Aww look at Mare and Cal being cute! Oh and Shade and Mare being all family love and all! But don't forget the FREAKING BLOOD! WHAT IS IT WITH VIOLENCE!

Fourth: Why? Omg! Why? I loved him! Why did he have to die! Oh and the blood!

Fifth: Don't you dare kneel! No no nooooooooo! Maven you are so annoying! I absolutely dislike you! 

Thank you, 
your baffled fangirl, 


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