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Friday, 1 April 2016

An Ember in the Ashes by Sabaa Tahir


My rating: 4.8/5
Ever read a book that had you shipping the love interest before they even met? No? Time to pick up this book!

Main Character (s): 
Laia: Could she have been more badass? Yes. But she was still an awesome character to read. She's naive and trusting, but by the end of the book, she learns. And that's what's important. Also I really admired her because she cared about her brother and risked her life (and continues to risk it) countless times.

Elias: I don't know if this is weird, but Elias is a very attractive name. I really like Elias as a 
love interest for Laia, and also greatly admire him because of his morals. While other characters just follow orders, he is willing to fight for what he knows is right. 

Also, guys, if you haven't yet, the book has a trailer so check that out below. Mixed feelings on it. I think it's cool, but I don't get the inclusion of the Commandant and Helene in there, because I honestly only care about Laia and Elias. It's not a bad trailer though.

Helene: I think Helene is a very badass character, but I just don't like her because she's getting in the way of Elias and Laia being together. God I hate love triangles, especially since this book is already lacking in romance so yeah. But damn, she's so brave and powerful. I've got to prefer Laia over her because Laia we know more than we know Helene. Thing is, I do feel sorry for Helene though, because she's this heart-broken girl who's been loving Elias forever, yet Elias starts noticing Laia and it hurts her. 

Romance: There wasn't much of it in this book, but it was beautiful and special and real. And what I mean is the romance between Laia and Elias, exclusively. They're so cute and amazing. I ship them to my grave. And I think they will end up together because they're star-crossed and they've both saved each other a couple of times. 

The world: I really like books about social injustice because they're always really enlightening because they have a lot of diversity. This book has a great way of approaching this topic because it's also a high fantasy so it has this super cool world. The creatures like the Efrits (which by the way in Arabic means ghosts) and Jinni. Also the whole masks thing is so amazing because it's a way to make Elias seem colder and more horrible than he really is. Also this idea that you could be in a position that everyone would love to have, but still feel caged is so cool.
Can totally imagine Laia looking like this
The action: This book has some serious kickassing. And I love it. Especially since Laia gets to do it too as well as Elias. The main characters are great and they really do bring something special to the book when they fight so gracefully.  

Looking forward: I'm really excited for the second book, A Torch Against the Night. The title is so epic and cool and Sabaa, please I want this book to be every bit as painful as An Ember in the Ashes. Elias, I want you. So much. And I hope to god Helene doesn't get in the way of Elaia. Also I saw this post on tumblr: 
Yeah!!!!!! I'm quivering from excitement. Will review the book as soon it comes out in August 30, 2016. Well, I hope the wait is worth it anyways. 

My rating: 4/5
Beware! This post was made with major fangirling. Due to unfortunate misunderstanding and gibberish the post was made clean of fangirling. If by any chance the reader wants a preview of the fangirl review here it is: 
Wow! WOW WOW! *fangirl scream*

*Runs away and comes back*

It was just... WOW. THE ACTION!! 


Uhdhjhfd fihierahihjjg rieuihriehlkjakf iucyvviyviuvbiubkubhvctx disown me Women! WTF! 

My brain is malfunctioning! Help! I can see the light, is this it? Is it the end? .... Oh no it's just the sun.

(In the persons head) 

Caution! *siren playing in the background*

" Mrs. The person has reached the fangirl level. ... Again!" 

"Oh dear! What are we going to do?" 

"Just wait. I guess" 

"Sure... Hahhhhh! Panic earthquake!" 

"We are shaking! Omg she is jumping and squealing. .... Again!" 

"Make her go to sleep!! NOW!" 

*Fangirl squeal*

Thank you for you understanding here is the serious review. Take your reading glasses and sit back with a cup of tea because this is going to take a while. 

    Ember in the Ashes

By Sabaa Tahir 

I am absolutely in love. I have, just like Yomna, being shipping these adorable (/ scary/ confident/ beautiful/ inspiring/ motivational) characters together from the beginning of time. Before going more in depths of the romance and all that let's take a step back and recap.

As usual before writing a review I find myself reading tons of reviews and stuff about the author. Recently I have been going through the development of the book. I have been absolutely captivated by the work the author has put before writing the characters and books. I love the fact that she went and interviewed a West Point cadet, police officers, soldiers and an FBI agent to characterise authentically the Warriors in the story including Elias (the main character). 

The story is manipulative and brings you on the edge of your seat wanting more. It had a lot of suspense and showed a great "spark". If by any chance you have read any other post, I have talked about this certain spark. I have said that I couldn't put into words what this is and I unfortunately still can't. Let's hope you know what it means. The book is part of a series that is unfortunately not all out yet. 

The book is situated in a society of slavery and other monstrosity. It has a very beautiful culture and all ingridients to make the culture and society is there;the government to the weapons.The world is a very pleasant mix between Arabian nights (regarding the cultural side of the Scholars) and the Roman Empire. The cover (which is Ah-mazing), shows a  sort of fortress or cathedral that would look likely to be in a city in Ancient Rome. The ideas of tribes are very common in stories where a society is victim of slavery. I have come across them multiple times. In this book three tribes have been mentioned, and I hope more will be present in the second book as I want to know more about Elias' life before. Most of the animal or supernatural creature's names in the book are from Middle East origin as Yomna pointed out. The name Laia is very middle-east-ish. Keenan sounds like a very Irish name. While the name Elias and Helene are very common in France when I lived there. I absolutely adore all the names in the book.

 I especially loved the idea of the masks. Masks are a kind of unit in the army. They are soldiers trained harshly from the age of 10. They are believed (and trained) to be emotionless, cruel and great warriors. They are recognized by their masks (hence the name), that are put on a daily bases they stick to the skin as a second skin. The fact that Elias' mask doesn't stick to him as a second skin because he doesn't wear it as often as the others shows how opposed to the empire he is. Unfortunately, he is attached to the empire as anyone but three other students. 

The violence in the book is traumatizing but written so smoothly it is nearly bearable. It is evident violence is in the book but there is more then there would have been in any other YA book I have had the pleasure to read. The fact that the Commandant (who happens to be Elias' mother and Laia's owner) would eagerly whip a child or dig out a slaves eye is gross. 

The romance in the story is very refreshing but a bit unnerving. There is this sort of love "triangle" (kind of like a square) between Elias, Laia, Helene and Keenan. I absolutely am repelled with love triangles and was frustrated by the love interest. I have been pulling my hair out each time Helene walks in the room. The romance between Helene and Elias feels slightly forced as they are childhood best friends. The moment Helene first appeared in the book we could see she was in love with Elias. You would be blind not to see it (or Elias). 

Overall, I can't wait for the second book to come out. This series is one of my favorite and I recommended it to everyone who loves romance and action. I love multiple aspects of it it am a bit repealed by the love triangle. I hope you will read it. 




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