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Friday, 25 March 2016

Predictions: The Crown by Kiera Cass {Yomna}

Kiera Cass closes her Selection series this May with The Crown. Which means time for me to make predictions! I've been wanting to do this post for a while because this is one my favorite series of all time and I WILL defend it to the grave.
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What happened so far:

  1. America had a heart attack. It's what killed her father in The One. At the end of The Heir, she is still unconscious and we see Maxon struggle to cope without her (broke my heart by the way). 
  2. Ahren eloped with Camille and is situated in France, eagerly awaiting his wedding to his true love. 
  3. Boys become irrelevant as fangirls freak out over America.
  4. Boys become irrelevant as fangirls freak out over Maxon's state of mind without America. 
  5. Eadlyn ends the book with a decision to get married by the end of her selection
What I thought about The Heir:
  • I love Eadlyn. She's such an accurate representation of girl power. And I love that she wasn't afraid of being herself from the beginning. Sure, she has a lot to learn but at least at the end of The Heir you can see that she's aware. 
  • Eadlyn has it MUCH harder than America did. And this is important to point out because I've seen so many comments calling Eadlyn a brat. She's already worried about her father and she's going to become queen to a country who hates her and also she needs to narrow down thirty-five boys into one. That's not easy. 
  • It is worth reading: I think a lot of people really didn't want The Selection series to have more books because they thought the ending was already good enough, but The Heir was worth reading for me, and I really enjoyed it (My rating: 5/5). 

"I only have ONE heart, and I'm saving it."

Thoughts on the cover:

I actually am okay about the cover. There was a lot of controversy but I think really shows Eadlyn in all her grace, beauty, and power. I do think her eyebrows look a bit awkward but I love how it's like she's demanding your attention. Plus, I think we shouldn't worry so much because it will probably look better in physical form, as with all covers. So yeah. 
I think the most stunning part of the cover is the color. It's so beautiful. Plus, cover or not, I am a huge fan of this series and I'll read it anyway.


  • America and Maxon will stay a couple. That also translates to; America WILL not die. So many authors have tried killing off their main characters and we ALL know how well that worked out. So no, that will not and should not happen. Plus the fact that if America did die, that would send Eadlyn sulking and bye bye selections + boys because who the hell cares when America is dead. Which would really ruin the entire book. And bring ratings down radically. 
  • Henri is NOT an option. Look, I think he's a really cute and amazing but it's just not going to happen, the language barrier is too much. 
  • Eadlyn is going to have to do something to relieve the public. I just hope to god they don't leave as many unanswered questions about how the caste system (or lack thereof) turns out, like in The One. 
  • Eadlyn might briefly consider Ean. 
  • Hale and Eadlyn might briefly have a relationship. 
  • In the end, Eadlyn will likely end up with Erik or Kile. Personally I want Kile. I love Kile. I think it's going to be Kile because he has these dreams of going out of the palace and doing architecture so that will provide for an interesting dynamic. Some may argue that her ending up with Kile is cliche but I think not. I mean Kiera Cass was so convincing in the beginning that I never even knew Eadlyn would consider Kile. I seriously did not see it coming. Also Kile has these great ideas and if he became a prince, (remember that Eadlyn is heir so Kile will never be king) he would have opportunities to put them into action through Eadlyn. 
Hopefully we'll have some more Keadlyn in bed. Their relationship in The Heir was honestly so cute!

Get well soon, America! Read you soon, Eadlyn! (See what I did there?)

"You can be BRAVE and still be feminine. You can LEAD and still love flowers. Most important, you can be a QUEEN and still be a bride."
What about you? Who do you think will win Eadlyn's heart?


  1. This is the only thing I've read that mentions Hale. THANK YOU! I love her with Hale. I think something is definitely goin to happen there. America has got to live and somehow Aspen and Lucy will have a child, though I dnt know how yet.

    1. Yeah I agree. Personally Team Kile but Hale and Eadlyn definitely do have some common interests, I'm sure if Kiera Cass lets their relationship grow, I'll be rooting for them by the end!


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