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Sunday, 6 March 2016

Paper Towns by John Green (Srishti's Review)

To be completely honest with you, John Green is a great author who captivates his readers, he is great at putting the teenage minds into words but he isn't my favorite author. Paper Towns and The Fault in Our Stars  are both great books. They maintain a great sense of humor and understanding of a teenager in my opinion. Unfortunately, the idea of Paper Towns is a bit far fetched and miss a certain spark. Paper Towns is a great book but could get a bit better. 
   The ideas of a paper town is very mesmerizing. I would have never thought about it. For all the readers who don't know what Paper Town means please read the book or go on the WikiLydia (??? Who knows where my mind FINDS does words! And by the way it means Wikipedia). Because I am nice, I am going to explain it to you. A paper town is a town that isn't real but is however marked on a map. Margo (the sub-main character) is quite a special person. We do not get to know her as much as the others but from the small encounters we get to read, she is beautiful, adventurous, intransigent and very out of place. She doesn't feel a spiritual sense of belonging thus leads her to run away for good. We get a glimpse of her parents, who aren't my favorite. They don't show a great sense of parenthood. It is understood that having a daughter such as Margo is hard but shouldn't you be at least worried?

   What annoyed me the most with the book is the fact that Quentin has a crush on a person he doesn't know at all. But wait, what do you mean? A crush is basically that! You must think. Which is true (a brief but intense infatuation for someone, especially someone unattainable. Definition from a dictionary) but he has this stubborn idea of who exactly Margo is. Which she later tells him is false and stupid.
   Overall, the book is refreshing but misses a certain spark a reader would like to have. It is hard to explain the "spark" but you must know that it is universal in fangirl communication so you must get what it means. The book isn't a MUST read on my part. The characters are beautiful and simple but miss a bit depth. I have unfortunately haven't  seen the movie per choice as the reviews weren't complimentary. On this note here is the end of my review  and I hope if you ever read the book you would enjoy it!

Oh and happy Mother's Day!


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