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Tuesday, 23 February 2016

These Broken Stars by Amie Kaufman and Meagan Spooner {Yomna's Review}

I loved this book. So good. So fast. 
So anyways, I've wanted to read this book for a long long time. Call me judgmental, but yeah, the cover looked amazing so I was immediately in love. When I read the blurb I fell in love even more, and it really just seemed like a great book. 

Lilac LaRoux: she is so amazing. She's so determined and strong, and really represents girl power. You go, girl. 

Tarver Merendsen: he's so funny and sarcastic. On my Peeta scale, (a scale from 0 to Peeta, Peeta being the best) Tarver would be an 8. He's so amazing and funny but doesn't make it to Prince Maxon's level which is 9 and Peeta's which is reminiscent to a 10. 
The best thing about this book was the fact that they showed Tarver being interviewed at the end of every chapter. I love those kinds of books with content between the chapters. It's so cool. It keeps you going because you want to find out how Tarver ended up having to answer all those questions. 

“You don’t sound like you believe me.”
“It’s our policy in such cases to maintain a certain amount of healthy skepticism.”
“You have a lot of precedent with survivors of serious trauma making things up as they go?”
“Considering the circumstances in which you were stranded and subsequently rescued, we don’t have a lot of precedent for anything.”
“What reason would I have to lie?”
“Now that, Major, is a very interesting question.”

The whispers: I think this idea was so cool. Energy-Based life forms. It was very interesting because I don't read a lot of paranormal, but anyways they made it kind of make sense in a scientific way, and it was so good. I really like the idea because when I read the blurb I thought the only issue in the book would actually be them struggling to fall in love and letting go, but turns our that's one of them but not the only issue. It made for a very at-the-edge-of-your-seat read. 

At the same time, I was also reading this book in the middle of the night on my iPad, so when I read what Lilac said about her being haunted and her very educated guess about the people that Tarver buried, I got very creeped out. I actually ended up turning the lights on and sleeping like that. I just get so scared by these things. I think I actually started praying. 

Madness takes its toll: so as I mentioned previously in my All The Bright Places post, I think the mental health issue is very important. It's briefly mentioned in this book when Lilac LaRoux starts seeing things and she's terrified of Tarver thinking she's mad so she doesn't really tell him everything she sees, which really shows how afraid she is of Tarver telling her it's not real because it's real to her. I'm not going to insult people who have to deal with mental issues by saying that I understand, because I've been lucky enough to not have a mental issue, but I think what I'm saying is, I love that this book shows that issue because when people don't understand you they tend to judge, even if they're good people, like in Tarver's case. 

The romance: I think a lot of people judge books to be cheesy because they show the feelings a human, or similarly minded alien, would actually have in that situation. Some people would say that Tarver feeling like Lilac would abandon once they got rescued was preposterous, but the fact is, he has every reason to think so, she rejected him on the Icarus so he has earned the right to tread carefully, and it makes sense. 

That being said, I think the romance in this book was amazing. I love when they show them always stealing moments with eachother and trying to get distracted. It's amazing. Plus, this book has a very well described sex scene. Obviously it's not erotica, but it's the way it's described that shows all the feelings and things going on. 

“It takes me a moment to register her dark eyes, her parted lips, the way she leans after me. Her hand curls around the sleeve of my shirt, trembling. It’s then I realize my hands are none too steady either.
“You stop now,” she breathes, “and I’ll never forgive you.”

See what I mean? So good. 
Would definitely recommend this book! It's so amazing and fast, and I think I might read the other books in the series. They seem pretty cool. 

"There are sheets, we can make a bed. A proper bed, imagine. We won't know what to do with it." She's laughing as she speaks.

Oh, trust me, Miss LaRoux, I'd know what to do with it. I can think up a whole list of things, if you like."


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