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Thursday, 11 February 2016

The Siren by Kiera Cass

Hi everyone!

Tuesday afternoon, I'm laying in my bed and I finish this book in one sitting. I haven't done that in a while and I really like it when a book does that to me.
The beginning: the best thing about this book was the beginning, I haven't read any books in a while where I was already interested in the beginning. Thanks, Kiera Cass.
The romance: This book is labeled as a romance, but really, it doesn't have that much in it. There's two kisses in the entire thing! They were good though. Really good. The descriptions were vivid and beautiful. 
Sisterhood: I think it was good that there wasn't that much romance in the book because it gave the book this amazing theme of sisterhood, which I think gets left behind in a lot of books. 
The ideas: with a fantasy it's tricky getting all the ideas in and explaining them thoroughly. I felt that the ocean was very well explained but in the end when the conflict is resolved with the ocean it's very short and didn't feel real because it was kind of too easy. 
Alkinli: Alkinli is Kahlen's love interest. Now for my boy scale! If you guys are not familiar with it, my boy scale rates fictional characters from 0 to Peeta. Peeta is the best and 0 is the worse. Alkinli would be a 7. He's kind, understanding, but I've read better male fictional characters. 
The names: speaking of Alkinli, I love the names in this story. More specifically the names, Kahlen and Alkinli, I think they're really cool. I always love it when main characters and love interests are named differently to everyone else, or just in general the whole book is creative, it's amazing and shows the diversity in books. 
The cover: I love this cover! And it looks great next to the selection books. The blue is incredible and I've always loved anything with the beach on it!
The ending: I forgot at the end that when she was going to be turned into a human that she would forget everything so I was shocked a little but it was very satisfying when she said she recognised him. And the epilogue was written well. 
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