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Sunday, 7 February 2016

The Book Thief by Markus Zusak

My rating: 3.5/5 
The book was very good but quite slow. It was amazing but it was very very slow. Many books are like that but it is sometimes worth it. Again I feel ashamed to say I didn't see the movie. (I should start a movie marathon of all the books I have read!)

The book portrays very well in my opinion the hard life during war. It also shows how hard it is to keep secrets. The book is also hearth breaking. I wish I didn't cry and spoil the book. Again this a book I read during the summer. It is mind-blowing. It isn't a book you can read just to read. It isn't a book you can quickly read and pass to something else. It takes up your whole time. 


I cried so much when my favourite character died. Don't worry it wasn't Liesel but her best friend. It kind of warned me but it was still a shock. The book isn't very chronological. I can't get over the fact he died!!!!!!!!

I loved it so much. I am glad that Liesel ended up having a great ending. I am also so glad that the jewish hidden in Liesel's house came back and did't die. What made me want to read more is the fact death itself talks in the book. It is very well described and it is a beautiful way of putting it in. I would have never imagined to refer death as a person that is quite tired of her job. It was simply beautiful which is quite ironic to refer death as that. I couldn't get enough. 
Liesel is again one of those strong women protagonist. It is nice to see how strong she is. She has has encounters with death so many times, even thought it is not directed at her. My favourite thing about Liesel is how hard she tries to succeed. It is how I imagine all strong and beautiful characters to have, motivation. It isn't surprising that Liesel is a book lover. I love that! Welcome to the club! If Liesel was a  real girl in our era I am sure we would be best-friends just by the fact that she loves book. 
I recommend this book to all books lovers. Breath it, Live it, Eat it and Love it. 


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