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Wednesday, 3 February 2016

The Bad Boy Stole my Bra by Cherry_Cola_x


Blurb: Riley and Alec Ryder are neighbors. He's hot and popular, everything she's really not. But when he sneaks into her room one night and steals her bra, and they start spending more and more time together, they discover they have feelings for eachother. Follow them as they struggle to confess their feelings in this Wattpad story by Cherry_Cola_x
Warning: This story is a Taylor swift "You belong With Me" story. What I mean by that is that the two love interests in the movie are neighbors and live window to window. If you're okay with that, go on. 

Wattpad stories are often not well-written. They are rushed, not edited, and full of atrocious spelling mistakes that annoy the hell out of you. But this one surprised me, even though the writing is a bit immature, it's greatly written and well-described. 

My rating: 3/5

Good things about this story: 
This story was hilarious. There are parts where Alec tries pick up lines on Riley and they add a lot of comic relief to this story. Plus the whole I'm stealing your bra thing is ridiculously amazing. Important to note: if a boy steals your bra then you are meant to be together. The romance in this story, although there was not that much of it, was very sweet and beautiful. 
The best part of this book was that even though it's a cliche: good girl - bad boy story they don't have crushes on eachother immediately. They kind of grow to love eachother, so you see a very hooking emotional buildup.
Bad things about this story: 
The main character says over and over again about how her situation is cliché, to the point where it gets irritating. 
EXTREMELY CHEESY: Yes, this is one of those ridiculous stories that have been dramatized and exaggerated annoyingly, there would be a simple situation and then there would be a huge deal made about it. I know the author tried as much as possible to not make it cheesy since the idea is so overused but with the main character saying how cheesy she is every two seconds it gets irritating af. 

If you're looking for a light, enjoyable read, go for this one!



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