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Saturday, 6 February 2016

I am Malala


My rating: 4.5/5 

Wow! I have to say that I wasn't expecting such a delight. It was traumatizing and inspiring. The story was simply mesmerizing. I do not regret reading it. It was just spectacular. I couldn't believe how people treat others.

It is interesting to learn about other cultures. I would never imagine this happening to me. Malala is one of the strongest young women out there. She is simply amazing. It is ubiquitous that the world still needs defending against some thoughts. Feminism might seem like a sort of terrorism against men but it isn't. Feminism is equality for both genders. Malala won a noble price at just 17 years old. She has done so much and even made herself in danger because of what she believes. Compared to me all I can do is sit at home and read about amazing people. It just makes you realise how you aren't doing anything but sit at home. It is definiteley nice to say under the covers but it is way better to do something you believe in. Malala was supported by many people and she deserves what she deserves. I probably think she wouldn't hesitate to do what she did over again.

She now lives a safe life in England and is continuing her studies. We wouldn't know how she felt as we have always had an education. We some times undertake what it means to go to school or to do daily stuff. We joke about how we would rather stay home but when it actually comes down to this we would not trade what we have for anything. This book makes you realise how stupid and selfish we sound sometimes. We deserve what we have and shouldn't look at it significantly. Even if you don't appreciate the long hours of homework it is all worth it. People would definitely trade anything to be in your shoes so be careful of what you say. 

This book makes you feel better. I hope Malala can one day go back to Palestine and be safe. I hope one day she and her friends and also other young girls get what they want at the end.

This book is highly recommended for someone who loves serious books. thank you very much to listen to what  I have to say


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