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Friday, 19 February 2016

Glass Sword by Victoria Aveyard {Yomna's Review}


My review: 

I am going to attempt to calm down and do this in a civilized manner, but forgive me if I can't. 
First of all, Victoria Aveyard I kind of hate you now. Hope you don't mind. Joking! Give yourself a pat on the back, Victoria, because you are now one of my favorite authors. I love you, and good job. And most of all, thank you! This was wonderful, and I loved every page. Sorry you can't beat Suzanne Collins and The Hunger Games, but that's not your fault because no one can. 

THIS BOOK THOUGH. I could simply not put it down. This is the kind of book you read in the middle of the night. This is the kind of book you know is a part of series that is incomplete but still read. This is simply the kind of book that makes you think. About power, about family, about bonds that hold us together. About war. 

Maven speaks the truth: When he says you'll meet before your next birthday, don't question it. 
Evil kings, dead queens: I hate Maven. That's it. I don't get why people still perceive him as a love interest for Mare. That doesn't make any sense. He betrayed her. He killed her brother. There is no way there's going to be a relationship between them. But you what they will have though, relationshit. Oops, sorry, excuse my french. Now about Elara: That woman had to die, and I'm happy that she did. But now that she's dead, that leave a lot of questions for us. What will happen to Maven? We all know his mother played a big part in what made him be so cold and unmerciful, so I'm very curious to see what happens to him in the next book. 

The cost of lives: Unlike in The Hunger Games, Mare does not really stop to consider the price of all the lives lost until her brother, Shade, dies. And frankly, that concerns me. This is looking to be a darkly-themed series in the next books and that means they'll be a lot of death, so I am curious to see how Victoria Aveyard will let her develop into a more aware person in the next book.  

Bloody, bloody war is rising: I like stories about war because I think all some people know about it is that it's bad, and that it should stop. But books like these, really make you think about war. When I was younger, I just thought that it was a black and white thing. There's one side that's bad that always loses, and one side that wins. In reality, it is different, with causes and reasons. And I think more books should be about this because it's a sensitive, haunting, but rather important topic, and really shows you the worst a human can be. 

What are we?: We are living in this future where we are judged based on our looks, in Glass Sword, everyone is judged by their color of blood. Even the silvers, who seem to be stronger and better are judged by reds who say they naturally evil because of their blood. So really, the reds, are as guilty of it as the silvers are, but in a more unconscious way, which you start to see in Glass Sword, as Victoria Aveyard weaves her captivating story.

What doesn't kill you makes you stronger: No, not the song. We see Mare really become more powerful, not just as a lightning girl, but as a figure, you see a lot of that in the way she questions who she is, what she wants to accomplish, and what she is willing to sacrifice for it. How far would you go for the things that you want?

Prince Cal: I love Cal. He's this confused silver, in love with a confused girl, surrounded by these people who have every reason to hate him, and still he remains grounded and makes for a character that you love to love, that you want to understand. 

The romance: The romance was amazing. It was beautiful but heartbreaking because they're in this world where sharing a love for each other is so hard and risky because in a heartbeat, the person you love could be gone. I think the kissing between Cal and Mare was very well described and full of feeling. And the fact that they shared a bed is so adorable. You can tell by what we've seen that this is a true love, forged out of true connection and every moment in the book they are together, you can tell by the descriptions that they belong. 

The ending: I've always wanted to try to be in a villain's head. What do they think of? Why are they so cold? Why do they do the things they do? For Maven, it's because of his mother and jealousy, but I think what we know about him is pretty limited, and I'm curious to know about his character without his mother controlling him. Until then, why Maven? I just don't get it and I hate to imagine what horrors Mare will face in the next book.

"With one hand, he points at his feet. His fingers are whiter than I remember. 
I do as he says.
I kneel."

Greatly written book, and every second was thrilling. It was a pleasure to read it!
Review by Yomna


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