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Thursday, 25 February 2016

All the Bright Places (Srishti's review)

I had a pretty rough start with this book. I had bought it on the hot summer of 2015. I was in India and was watching ZOELLA when she said how she liked the book and went through it really fast. I then did a bit of research and found out it had good reviews but some bad comments. While in still in India I bought 5 books, because it is much cheaper than in England, and the All the Bright Places was one of them. 

This book holds a lot of value to me as it is one of the main reason me and Yomna finally found ourselves doing this blog. We were inspired by what Violet had done with her sister. (Eleanor and Violet.com) It was also what brought us closer. The book also holds a certain interest with me as I would have never imagine what people felt when we tell them, what we think is meaningless, things. 

The books has a rough start. It starts with action and a good enough hook but I didn't know why it didn't appeal to me. With a bit of reluctance I left my book to dust on my shelf. A few months later Yomna mentioned the book and I told her it was quite boring and to hard get into. A month or two later I had the courage to pick it up again and start reading it, Yomna admitted to read it after I had finished it. She kept asking me for spoilers but all I could say is that I nearly cried. 
The author is extraordinary and puts into words what the characters are feeling wonderfully. She makes the romance slow. Which is amazing as they become friends and get to know each other first before rushing into it immediately. This made me fall in love with Theodore Finch. They both are beautiful characters and unique. Violet is very strong and didn't let her sisters death get to her. Finch is as strong as he didn't let death chase him for a short time. 

The book is very relevant and applicable in "the outside world". It makes you think in a different way, which is good. That is why you need to blank out all judgmental thoughts. Just like in many books with special ideas, this is mental illness. It's important to know that. You can't go into a book with a special mindset, you need to be openminded. This is the same for anything in life. Try not to assume stuff and try to understand the person at fault. Expect for murder!

The book reaches on so many levels. Such as relationships with people. If you know too much about someone it's boring or it means that it is fake; a lie. Because real and important stuff come slowly and only when it is unexpected. You don't really know anyone. But if you know too little you need to take a step back and think. 

That is why I love books so much, they teach you stories. Just like my English teacher tells us every opportunity he gets, "Stories have a job to do". For it is informative or for entertainment it doesn't matter. It is not that it is just good or excellent, it just makes it seem like you are there. It grabs you inside it. And that is why I love books. It makes it seem like your own adventure. That you are divergent, shadow hunter, time traveler or even a tribute. Even the simplest stories. They just make you feel special when you aren't feeling in your cup of tea. It makes it seem like you already have experience. Like you know what not to do or do. just like what you are going to do if you see a dark alley with someone in it, RUN! I may not be them but I read and that is the practically the same. Reading is just my escape. That is why I want to write a big thing or small, just anything. I want to make an escape for people. And for me.

Spoiler! Read at your own risk!

Theodore's death was a shock as I thought everything was going fine. I had suspected his death when you realises most of the last chapters are in Violets POV. I am very sad that he died but it makes the story nevertheless more beautiful. It left me brokenhearted and Violet too. It must be hard for her, but I know she will get through it, with her friends. The story is very inspiring. Yomna told me that when she read the authors note, it said that it was based on her life. Because she fell in love with a boy who killed himself. 

I don't hold anything against Finch. I wouldn't have slapped him or changed the story. I am actually glad because he was happy. And that is what counts. He set himself free. Bullying is horrible and people don't notice its effect until it is too late. Violet thought that she was at fault. But no. She gave him the courage he needed to kill himself. In her own way she made him happy, well kind of. But he repaired her and that is how life works. She herself didn't know him like a book. She didn't see anything really important like the fact that he was still hurting. It kinda is sad that it is actually true. And this book truly help understand that. What you can't see is not what is really happening. It is an amazing story with great moral ethnics and wow. I am speechless. It is fresh and amazing. Just like yogurt and jam. Violet didn't understand him that well either, just like us, because he was still kind of like a secret. What makes me mad that I was shocked that he died. After every chapter I read in his point of view i didn't realise how hurt he was. Especially because we were in his skin. It shouldn't have been shocking. Here is a quote Yomna mentioned ,when we were discussing this book,  from the selection : "It's hard to know everything about someone. Even the people you are closest to." It was then that we had started saying how we wish we could share our thoughts more publicly. This is where we stared our blog. It is with this note that I have to stop. I have to admit writing this makes me want to cry. 

Thank you, 

Your fangirl. 

Srishti, a girl who has been bullied in her earlier stage of life. 
It is because of that experience that I am stronger. Thanks. 

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