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Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Alienated by Melissa Landers (Yomna's Review)

My rating: 4.5/5

So I just finished These Broken stars a few days ago, and I've read the 5th Wave already, and they are all, alien-related books, so I decided to pick up Alienated by Melissa Landers. And I'm really happy I did. It's a great, hilarious, and entertaining read.

The world: 90% of this story is set on Earth. But that's because Aelyx stays with Cara as part of an exchange program and they only get to go outside Earth at the very end when running away.  Regardless of that, the world is done very well, because you have this foreigner (from another planet) seeing it for the first time, so you kind of get a new look at the world that is all too familiar for you. 
Sign me up for L'eihr Exchange Program: seriously, where's my permission slip?

L'eihr: I love their culture. It's kind of weird that they don't like chocolate though. And I liked it a lot when they talked about 'mating' and love in the book, I kept on bursting out laughing. I think it's kind of cool that Melissa Landers has imagined these aliens so creatively, showing how different or similar they might be to us. 

Cara Sweeny: honestly such a great character! She's so grounded and strong, and she loses all people closest to her, but still tries to be successful and not forget her values, which you can see in the moments when giving up would've been so easy for her.

Aelyx: He seems like such a great guy. Everything he says or does makes me want to smile. On my Peeta scale, 0 being awful and Peeta being the height of all boy perfection, Aelyx would be 8. I realize now that I've rated almost every boy I've read (with the exception of Peeta (10) and Prince Maxon(9)) an eight, but yeah, I get so conflicted because that's what most male fictional characters are, but just for contrast, I'm going to rate Eric. 

Eric: I don't think anybody really liked Eric in the beginning because everyone knew it was going to be Cara and Aelyx from the blurb of the book, but then Eric became more of an asshole and I hated him even more. But I think, in the end, he's a good person, I think what happened was he got misguided and lost his way, but in the end he helps Cara out and is a really nice guy. I would rate Eric a 7. He's charming and kind, but he'll pay for his actions by being knocked down a level. Not that I think Eric cares, anyways. 

The Romance: Who else didn't fall for the whole 'I just want to show you how we do love' scenario? Ugh it was freaking cute though! I ship Cara and Aelyx's relationship so much. 
I seriously wish I was there to see everything!
Favorite Scenes:
1)When Cara's dad walks in on them and she says they were studying.

"First," Bill began, "what were you studying?"
"The Periodic table"
"And second." He stood, rising to his full height like an angry bear and flicker the tag that protruded from the front of Cara's sweater. "Why's your shirt on inside out and backward?"

2) This intimate moment:

"He didn't care. He fisted her shirt and pulled her in again, savoring the feel of her soft, wet lips against his. He didn't know what the Elders would decide, and if he only had minutes to live, he wanted to spend every last second kissing her. He brushed her face, forcing his fingertips to memorize each gentle curve before moving to her throat and settling his thumb at the base, where her pulse hammered for him."

The cover: I like the cover, but it's what I would call a little awkward. 
This was a fast, entertaining read. I'm definitely going to read the second book! Love, love, love!


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